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Does SA's private healthcare sector only provide care for 16% of the population?

The health minister said that private healthcare serves only 16% of the population. But his claim is misleading...

By Liesl Pretorius, Africa Check 8 Aug 2017

Are the demarcation regulations unconstitutional?

A consequence of the demarcation regulations coming into force is that up to two million policyholders using insurance products to access healthcare are now uninsured...

8 Aug 2017

Commed members to move to Bonitas

After the Community Medical Aid Scheme (Commed) was placed under provisional curatorship by order of court in June, it has now been decided that all its members will be transferred to Bonitas Medical Fund...

4 Aug 2017

Experts decry plan to consolidate small medical schemes

The plan by the CMS to consolidate or dissolve small medical schemes posed risks to the people who belong to them....

2 Aug 2017

Bonitas showing strong vital signs

Robust cost-containment strategies and an amalgamation have served Bonitas Medical Fund well with the fund showing a 92% reduction in net deficit in one year...

Issued by Bonitas 31 Jul 2017

Medical aids may know their fate by 2020

Medical aids may know their fate under the National Health Insurance (NHI) by 2020...

By Joan van Dyk 25 Jul 2017

Will you have a medical aid under NHI?

The days of medical aid schemes may be numbered as government says it will be the single funder of medical services...


NHI white paper issues raised

The two fundamental issues with the new white paper on NHI are a single payer fund and the nationalisation of private healthcare without compensation...

By Mike Settas 3 Jul 2017

Medical scheme members likely to lose their tax credits under NHI

Medical scheme members are likely to lose their tax credits to help pay for the first set of benefits to be rolled out under NHI...

By Tamar Kahn 30 Jun 2017

Counting the costs of medical aid fraud

The reduction and elimination of fraud, waste and abuse will impact on medical aid contribution increases, according to Gerhard van Emmenis, Acting Principal Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund...

Issued by Bonitas 28 Jun 2017

Survey: Attracting young members a problem for small medical aids

Smaller medical schemes offer customers value for money, but lack the ability to attract new members...

23 Jun 2017

Hollard partners with Cigna

Insurer Hollard planned "significant acquisitions" on the continent in the next few years...

20 Jun 2017

New law crimps cash-back plans

The demarcation regulations clearly distinguish between medical insurance products and medical aid schemes...

By Roland Buys 20 Jun 2017

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Nine healthcare marketing mistakes to avoid

For your practice to grow, you need to adapt to latest healthcare marketing strategies. As a doctor, it might not be your cup of tea, but you need to remember that for sustaining and nurturing your business, you need to be known by more people who will convert into customers. For this, you need to learn about the “necessary evil,” i.e. healthcare marketing. To get the desired results out of your marketing efforts, you need to avoid some healthcare marketing mistakes, as stated below.

By Pranjali Singh 10 Aug 2017

Global Awards adds Pharma (Rx), Health & Wellness executive juries

Global Awards has added Pharma (Rx) and Health & Wellness executive juries to its award line-up. They will include award-winning chief creative officers and executive creative directors from prominent healthcare advertising agencies around the globe to judge submissions from each designation.

7 Aug 2017

US charges 412 people for health fraud

WASHINGTON - US authorities slapped 412 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals with fraud charges, many for overprescribing opioids that have stoked an expanding national addiction crisis.

14 Jul 2017

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