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#Fairnessfirst: Amplifying the female voice

The first work week of 2018 for many was also one where we heard the global female voice loud and clear on social media, with 'celebration emojis' for everything from Iceland's equal pay law to #HereWeAre, #TimesUp and #Oprah2020...

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago


Twitter won't block world leaders, citing need for discourse

Twitter announced Friday it would not block the accounts of world leaders even if their statements are "controversial," citing a need to promote a "public conversation" on political issues...

8 Jan 2018


Facebook lets people know when their pictures pop up

Facebook on Tuesday added a way for people to know when their pictures are posted anywhere on the leading social network.

21 Dec 2017


Facebook moves to make more video ad money

Facebook on Thursday moved to bolster its appeal and money-making potential as an online platform for viewing video similar to YouTube.

18 Dec 2017


Four ways the blockchain is relevant

Blockchain is unravelling a new world of possibilities for businesses, particularly in the world of digital marketing...

By Mariam Nishanian 6 Oct 2017


Fashion world shaken by #NoFreePhotos row

PARIS - Photographers have risen up in revolt at the way fashion labels and influencers are using their street style images without crediting them, highlighting discontent about the "work for free" culture in the multi-billion dollar industry.

2 Oct 2017


Radisson Blu Super Breakfast prompts creative social media video campaign

To showcase their new super breakfast offering, Radisson Blu launched a creative, multichannel social media video campaign inspired by the magic moments that take place around the breakfast table...

7 Sep 2017


Nine healthcare marketing mistakes to avoid

To grow your practice and to get the desired results out of your marketing efforts, you need to avoid these healthcare marketing mistakes...

By Pranjali Singh 10 Aug 2017


VR content should be engaging, relevant and appropriate

As virtual reality (VR) experiences become more prevalent and impressive, are we using VR for VR's sake?...

By David Limbert 1 Aug 2017


Five FAQ's about influencer marketing

Bianca Quinn-Diavastos answers five frequently asked questions about influencer marketing, a current buzzword in the industry...

By Bianca Quinn-Diavastos 31 Jul 2017


Facebook, Instagram research into gender bias

Researching user-generated content on Facebook and Instagram can provide significant insights into what people think and how they feel...

2 Jun 2017


Pope Francis ahead of Trump, Modi on Twitter

Burson-Marsteller's has released its 2017 Twiplomacy Study results, which shows Pope Francis is the most followed world leader on Twitter...

2 Jun 2017


Warc Awards announces ‘Social Strategy' shortlist

The Warc Awards have announced a total of 19 entries from ten countries that have been shortlisted in the ‘Social Strategy' category, honouring the effective use of emerging marketing disciplines...

1 Jun 2017


Blowing out the walls

Facebook's ambitions have set the company on a course to radically shift its standing from social media giant to futuristic innovation hub...

By Gil Sperling 11 May 2017

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