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Mobility and loyalty unlock SA consumer spend

Loyalty payments are holding a steady ground when it comes to chosen methods of purchasing items over the internet...

29 May 2015 08:00

Turning the warehouse from cost centre to differentiator

Warehouse investment is on the up: 39% of companies plan to increase the number of warehouses and 33% to expand their size...

29 May 2015 09:50

The biometric imperative

Security remains a priority for the organisation, and biometrics is rapidly becoming the solution of choice. It is secure, robust, scalable and adaptable, plus it delivers undeniable proof of access...

29 May 2015 11:38

Looking to the cloud for light in the darkness

As the scourge of load shedding once again threatens to cause havoc amongst South African businesses what measures can local companies take to minimise the impact of blackouts on their business?

29 May 2015 11:06

Understanding the anatomy of a cyber-attack can help you prioritise defence efforts

Cyber-attacks today are highly advanced, and the developers and perpetrators are constantly evolving their tactics in order to breach an organisation's perimeter defences...

29 May 2015 08:04

'Uber-for-documents' startup launches in CPT

A new courier service based on an Uber-for-documents model is launching in Cape Town and may spread to other cities...

By Duncan Alfreds 28 May 2015 12:36

Failure to backup data a major omission in SMEs' business practice

'The world is divided into those people who have lost data and those who are going to'. From the results of the SME Survey 2015, it would appear the majority of South African SMES sit firmly in the second...

28 May 2015 06:03

Rural South Africa to get free Wi-Fi

Rural Eastern Cape is about to get high-speed internet service through a dedicated wi-fi connection...

28 May 2015 08:24

NetApp challenges the status quo with new AltaVault solutions and services

In today's business environment, traditional backup is slow, risky, expensive, and complex...

28 May 2015 11:08

Five ways to optimise mobile support for your customer

In today's technology-driven society, businesses need to maintain a strong internet presence through the use of a well-designed website and social media...

By Sheza Gary 28 May 2015 08:00

Free coding workshops offered

The Cape Town Science Centre is to host the first Africa Code Week pilot which will offer free coding workshops...

28 May 2015 06:00

Picup launches on WeChat and opens up the job market

A new service has launched that aims to remove the hassle and admin involved with traditional courier services, and is recruiting drivers to help deliver the service...

27 May 2015 07:50

A 'mobile-first' ethos: the catalyst for business transformation

Organisations in every sector and every country are currently grappling with the concepts of 'digitalisation' and 'digital transformation'...

By Lionel Moyal 27 May 2015 08:35

Five gadgets to transform the way you travel

Whether you're a seasoned business traveller or just recently started globetrotting, having the right gadgets can make your trip more manageable - and enjoyable...

By Nafisa Akabor 27 May 2015 09:38

New data warehousing course

Master Data Management, sub-Saharan Africa partner of online data management educator's eLearningCurve, has announced the newly released course...

27 May 2015 07:45

The data cycle: data's journey across the network and how hacking can change that

While it's convenient to link various personal online accounts and identities, users must beware of the security risks...

27 May 2015 07:51

The mobile app strategy basics

Make sure your mobile app strategy is more business-centered than merely tech-only or miss out, says OutSystems director Craig Terblanche...

By Leigh Andrews 26 May 2015 14:00

Weaker Rand pushes laptop prices up

South Africans could see an increase in the price of laptops as the Rand continues its downward slide against major international currencies...

By Duncan Alfreds 26 May 2015 10:55

Euphoria Telecom removes the risk of VoIP toll fraud

If your phone provider doesn't offer control mechanisms to help prevent fraudulent use of your VOIP account, you may want to look into using a different provider...

26 May 2015 08:14

Microsoft launches low-cost internet in rural Kenya

Microsoft is aiming to connect rural residents in Nanyuki, a market town in Laikipia County in central Kenya, with low-cost wireless internet...

By Joseph Mayton 26 May 2015 09:03

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