Wynand Smit is CEO at INOVO, a leading contact centre business solutions provider.
New era of retail an opportunity for enhanced customer experience

In the mid to late 90s the number of internet businesses grew exponentially. Since consumers were getting connected in their millions, this space was ideal for entrepreneurs to create hype around projected profitability...

By Wynand Smit 11 Jan 2018

Safeguarding your customers against the threat of identity theft

A recent data breach exposed the personal information of 30-million South Africans, including emails, ID numbers, addresses and contact numbers, and, in some cases, even passwords...

By Wynand Smit 17 Nov 2017

Enhancing cross-channel communication in financial services

Financial institutions, like any other businesses, have customers whose preferences have shifted to digital channels...

By Wynand Smit 16 Oct 2017

Who killed the iPod? Staying relevant to a restless generation

Who killed the iPod? The reality is that developing technology and the marketplace dictated the change. Video did not kill the radio star, it just changed the platform preferences...

By Wynand Smit 14 Sep 2017

Strictly business, but personal

In the movie, The Godfather, Michael Corleone, as played by Al Pacino, utters the immortal line to his on-screen brother, “It's not personal, Sonny, it's strictly business.”

By Wynand Smit 17 Aug 2017

The power of personalisation in customer service

Recently I came across a radio interview with a “personal branding specialist”. Addressing the listeners, the guest spoke of the importance of clearly defining who you are...

By Wynand Smit 20 Jun 2017

Chatbots as part of an integrated customer service strategy

You can have all your communication channels lined up and ready to go, your agents trained to help via phone, email, SMS, web chat and via social media, but you could be missing a trick...

By Wynand Smit 29 May 2017

Gamification makes work more human

Millennials catch a lot of flak for expecting the world to be their proverbial oyster. Nowhere is this truer than in the workplace. But what if the problem isn't millennials?

By Wynand Smit 4 May 2017

Making customer feedback pay off

The entire customer journey, whether in sales or customer service, must be as seamless as possible and working with feedback from your customers is the best place to start...

By Wynand Smit 20 Mar 2017

Putting customers first

Business has always been built around the customer, and recent developments are forcing companies to examine their business processes...

By Wynand Smit 14 Feb 2017

Demand for personalised service increases 52%

Verint Systems has noted in its 2016 research an increase of 52% in customers preferring customised service. This year, eight out of ten customers prefer it when service is personalised to them. It is apparent that market preferences are developing at a rapid rate and companies need to develop in time with their consumers...

By Wynand Smit 7 Dec 2016

The high costs of cutting corners

The process of upgrading company technology must be aligned with company budgets, whether this is a rolling budgetary inclusion...

By Wynand Smit 16 Nov 2016

Three back-office hacks for improved customer service

Communication, time and resolution work in relationship with one another and can all be improved. If they're made more efficient, the customer service machine will be faster and smoother, ensuring that what needs to get done does, and that customers experience great service, boosting loyalty and more business...

By Wynand Smit 8 Nov 2016

Appointment of POPI Information Regulator could mean earlier implementation

The appointment of an Information Regulator on 26 Oct means that the Protection of Personal Information Act is coming into effect sooner rather than later. Wynand Smit notes that this will have a tremendous impact on the way companies do business in 2017, with regards to how they obtain, store and dispose of customer information...

By Wynand Smit 3 Nov 2016

Slick complaint resolution tactics

How a company deals with complaints is a game-changer; the process should not be viewed merely as dealing with annoying customers, but as an opportunity for improved service delivery...

By Wynand Smit 24 Oct 2016

Improvements to contact centre environment should be incremental

With new or greater demands, the business offering and its supporting processes must be developed to retain and attract more customers...

By Wynand Smit 6 Oct 2016

Boosting sales in contact centres

Call and staff costs are some of the biggest expenses in the contact centre...

By Wynand Smit 10 Aug 2016

A fresh look at workplace performance management

There's an increasing interest in workforce well-being, particularly when that workforce is largely deskbound. Apart from the health problems that can plague...

By Wynand Smit 25 Jul 2016

Better measurement for improved profitability

A well-known local company recently performed a performance check on its sales agents leading to an extremely surprising discovery...

By Wynand Smit 13 Jul 2016

Digital age moves contact centre agent to role of advisor

While some contact centres still have the telephone as their primary form of contact, the market has undergone a paradigm shift to digital...

By Wynand Smit 5 Jul 2016

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