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Natasha McClymont

Natasha McClymont

MD at Fresh Brand Activation
Location:South Africa


Natasha McClymont is MD of Fresh Brand Activation, a Cape-based agency specialising in below-the-line marketing boasting clients such as Three Ships Whisky, CapeNature and BP. Contact details: website | Facebook page WeAreFreshAM
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Natasha McClymont
Five factors to consider in measuring ROI

Rule number one when it comes to planning a campaign, has to be defining very specific targets and how these targets will be measured. Driving sales and improving brand awareness are pretty much always the goal, but what exactly does success look like?

By Natasha McClymont 31 Jul 2013 12:00

Natasha McClymont
How do you price an idea?

All good products and commodities begin as ideas. Think of the Wright brothers, who with their far-fetched (at the time) idea of winged transportation, or Thomas Edison proposing the widespread availability of electricity, and who had an idea for converting electric energy into something people could use daily.

By Natasha McClymont 27 Jul 2013 11:08

Natasha McClymont
Safeguarding the brand you've built

'A brand is built in a lifetime, and crushed in an instant.' So goes the paraphrasing of the famous quote by businessman extraordinaire, Warren Buffet. This year alone has witnessed several brands losing their credibility in the eyes of supporters and customers.

By Natasha McClymont 21 May 2013 06:23

Natasha McClymont
Seven New Year's resolutions for a brand agency

2012 has been a long year for everybody, ups and downs, good clients and... Um... less good clients, campaigns that ran smoothly and some that fell a little flat. So, as an agency, we are mentally preparing ourselves for next year by getting together some of our resolutions for 2013.

By Natasha McClymont 12 Jan 2013 09:07

Natasha McClymont
Six tips for sensible in-store marketing in the silly season

With Christmas closing in on us, we've all been bombarded by cheap tinsel, Boney M and a gaudy plethora of competing product displays in most of the supermarkets we've frequented over the past month or so. Most marketers view the festive season as a prime opportunity to boost product sales, and it can be, if it's done smartly.

By Natasha McClymont 5 Dec 2012 07:52

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