I have been involved in marketing research for over 40 years, across all spheres. I started Marketing Science in 1992, Infosense (aka Infotools) in 1995 and Panel Services Africa in 2005. For more information on Ad-Audit, please contact me at PSA on 083 255 2668 or to send an email.
Advertising effectiveness has been captured by ‘liking'

Whatever has happened to the idea of advertising effectiveness?

By mike broom 6 Oct 2017

Fake news, fake research!

About two weeks ago saw the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, marking the mass acceptance of the smartphone. In truth, the technology had already been developed five years earlier. That technology, together with the global roll out of the internet a scant five years previously, have transformed society forever...

By mike broom 21 Jul 2017

How it all fits together - what comes out of Ad-Audit

We move on to practical matters and implications, having already unpacked the fact that advertising should be evaluated in terms of predictive models of both strategic intent and executional efficiency...

By mike broom 14 Jul 2017

Measuring the consumers of advertising

In our previous two articles we referred to measurement, principally measurement of advertising. But, of course, we are talking about obtaining measures from consumers of advertising, namely human beings...

By mike broom 7 Jul 2017

A new measurement paradigm that is ideal for ad testing

One of the difficulties of advertising research is to determine the dimensions to measure.

By mike broom 23 Jun 2017

Bringing precision and elaboration into ad testing

In the 40 years I have worked in marketing research, the elephant in the room has been using focus groups to ‘evaluate', ‘investigate', ‘dipstick', ‘research', ‘copy test' or any other of the politically correct terms for ad testing...

By mike broom 16 Jun 2017

Quotas and random sampling within quotas - the PSA experience

When it comes to demographic variables, none of them change all that much...

By mike broom 10 Aug 2016

Five ways POPI will change marketing research as we know it

The implementation is of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013 (POPI) is proceeding apace...

By mike broom 3 Aug 2016

Can you buy shares in a stokvel?

No, you cannot! In fact, that is probably the most defining variable in the definition of what a stokvel is, compared to another way of saving money...

By mike broom 7 Jul 2016

Where is marketing research going?

The question is provoked by the weak economy, budget cuts and greater complexity...

By mike broom 3 May 2016

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