Karen Ashwin

Founder & MD of The Event Production Company
Location:South Africa


    Karen Ashwin is the founder and MD of The Event Production Company (www.theeventcompany.co.za), South Africa's event pioneer. Karen is considered one of the industry's leading personalities and has a track record of 21 years, with The Event Production Company having conceptualised and executed most of South Africa's largest, most significant, high profile and innovative events. Contact details: tel +27 (0)11 883 0470 | email
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    [2014 trends] Faster, smarter and increasingly ingenious!

    Operating in a world where clients are seeking slick solutions to their business challenges implies raising the bar on all fronts. Tight budgets call for ingenious solutions...

    By Karen Ashwin 14 Jan 2014

    [2013 trends] Everything's so serious - time we loosened up a little!

    In reviewing the past few years from an events perspective, I'm tempted to ask: "Where did all the fun go?" As both the South African and the international events industries have grown, developed, matured and become increasingly competitive - all within the context of the global economic crisis - I might be forgiven for thinking that the game plan has changed.

    By Karen Ashwin 16 Jan 2013

    [2012 trends] Been there, done that, now let's get really smart!

    Thanks to our preference for face-to-face interpersonal communications, meetings, events and marketing activations enjoy pride of place as fabulous marketing tools. However, we also know that great events cost. The heat is on to ensure that events deliver serious marketing and financial results - and that clients are assured of their incomparable experiential value, especially when paired with the latest trends and technology!

    By Karen Ashwin 12 Jan 2012

    [2010 trends] Positive outlook for meetings, events industry

    I'm a firm believer that, due to the dynamics of global economic shift we've experienced, the way we live, work and run our businesses has changed irrevocably - life will truly never be the same again! This holds true for the South African meetings and events industry in 2010.

    By Karen Ashwin 13 Jan 2010

    [2009 trends] Budget cuts a challenge for event managers

    The current decline in the global economic system is now filtering through to all industry sectors, including marketing and event management. Marketing budgets have been cut back substantially for 2009 and though the number of events will not decrease, the budget spend per event will lessen. This will be a challenge for all event managers and an opportunity for the most skilled to demonstrate their enhanced creativity.

    By Karen Ashwin 15 Jan 2009

    Eventing - engaging employees with your brand

    In today's competitive environment rife with customer disloyalty, companies are beginning to realise that an effective marketing and communications strategy is no longer sufficient to achieve or retain a premium position in the marketplace. More and more, your company and brand is judged by an increasingly sophisticated consumer on their personal interaction with your employees.

    By Karen Ashwin 9 Dec 2008

    Events - building relationships, not just collecting cards

    It used to be that you went to events to collect leads. Nowadays it's not about leads and exchanging as many business cards as possible; it is rather about relationship building and experiential marketing, whereby a consumer is immersed directly in a brand experience.

    By Karen Ashwin 30 Jul 2008

    The challenges of eventing in Africa

    Working across borders is always a challenge. There are cultural, language and climate differences to overcome. Dealing in more than one financial currency adds to the complexities - but is doable - but more challenging on a fundamental level is being faced with a society that values and places emphasis on things that you may not. And then there is organising an event in Africa.

    By Karen Ashwin 4 Apr 2008

    Return on opportunity: real value of events

    Event marketing is today recognised and highly regarded in the marketing mix and full-year plans of major companies. As expectations have risen for what events can deliver, measurement has become more crucial as marketers demand to know from event planners what they're getting for their money.

    By Karen Ashwin 9 Jan 2008

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