Harry Herber has a passion for delivering on promises and an attitude that demands that The MediaShop 'goes the extra mile'. With a BA in Classics and Anthropology behind him, Harry plunged into the media industry in 1975. Under Harry's leadership, The MediaShop has earned numerous client awards. He believes in added value for clients. Contact details: email: .
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Are we on the same planet?

I compare what I believe is incomparable: the United States with South Africa. I have just returned from the United States. Doom and gloom? Not so much. When you've...

By Harry Herber 21 Aug 2014

Buckle up for the media ride of your life!

The next TV tsunami is on its way. We know that the implementation of digital terrestrial television will significantly change the landscape of television in South Africa in many ways.

By Harry Herber 24 May 2014

In short supply

There's one thing in short supply in the media industry for sure. What, you say? Talent? OK, then, there are two things in short supply. Let's talk about the second one - cash.

By Harry Herber 7 May 2013

Some things I didn't know about the media industry

Sometimes you're amazed at how little you know. I'm not talking about the 702 'Brain of Johannesburg' competition, where the questions are aimed at anyone with a double digit IQ. I'm talking about the media industry.

By Harry Herber 15 Apr 2013

Just another day in La-La Land...

I am sometimes blown away by the thick skin and general dizziness of some media sales reps. Here's why...

By Harry Herber 12 Mar 2013

Some sure bets for the media industry in 2013

Here I am going to highlight some certainties for the media industry in 2013 - and I am ready to bet my house on them.

By Harry Herber 19 Feb 2013

Catch a wake-up!

The one thing that's certain when talking about anything relating to media is that if you have three people involved in the discussion, you'll get three opinions. Not only three opinions, but, indeed, three opinions that can be objectively rationalised and supported with defined case studies that empirically prove each case.

By Harry Herber 28 Jan 2013

I'm not sure where it will end, but I know where it starts

It seems like just yesterday that the most overused word in the media planner's vocabulary suddenly appeared: convergence. I remember thinking how cool it was, and wondering how come the penny took so long to drop. Convergence was inevitable. Technology was flying and a single gadget that truly ran your life was surely on the cards somewhere in the not too distant future. Well, it has arrived.

By Harry Herber 14 Dec 2012

Who'll survive the next decade?

Hell, in the blink of an eye, it's 10 years later. I would not have thought a decade would fly by so quickly, but there you are. And if you asked me if a whack had changed in that time, I would've answered "not so much".

By Harry Herber 12 Oct 2012

The Olympics and pigs...

I avidly watched the Olympic Games from a media perspective and was amazed at the new world of sports advertising.

By Harry Herber 18 Sep 2012

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