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Genevieve Vieira is the former PR and Marketing Specialist at Electromode and the editor of the website, Indie Does It. She has always had a deep passion for music and writes about the music and entertainment scene in South Africa. Follow her on Twitter at @genevievevieira.
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Elton John hi-jacked my lyrics

Is Nikita, the third biggest solo song of Elton John's career a sham? Guy Hobbs, an award-winning freelance photographer from Cape Town made a claim in May this year, stating that Elton's well known track Nikita was based on his own lyrics titled Natasha.

By Genevieve Vieira 23 Aug 2012 06:28

Understanding Radio Playlists

Have you ever wondered how certain songs have made their way onto radio? Or why sometimes the worst tracks take precedence over others? Often radio playlists are compiled through a process of intense planning, research and selection.

By Genevieve Vieira 19 Jun 2012 08:40

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