Deirdre Elphick-Moore, has an Honours Degree in Psychology and over 10 years of international experience in human capital management at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Co-founding The Office Coach in 2009, she now focuses on personal and workplace effectiveness training and development.

Her relaxed, engaging style encourages people to learn more, remember more and apply more in their workplaces, as well as inspiring to consistently better themselves in the work place. Contact her on .
Employees: credible spokespeople and sources, how to leverage this trust

Consumers are losing faith in information that brands publish online and on social media as they become increasingly savvy about the myriad of tactics used by marketer to reach them. The rules of engagement with consumers have changed...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 23 Sep 2016

How to communicate in a world where words like "mansplaining" and "manologue" exist

A growing body of research shows that women are at a disadvantage in the communication arena: they are interrupted more than men, their ideas are often adopted by men as their own and being spoken down to is commonplace. Modern vocabulary reflects this with the adoption of words like "mansplaining" and "manologue"...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 5 Aug 2016

How can I be more adaptable in this constantly and rapidly changing world?

Adaptability is a life skill that impacts so many aspects of our lives: our stress levels, our ability to keep up socially and whether we thrive professionally...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 17 May 2016

Developing your personal brand

In a world that has 'six degrees of separation' between you and a potential employer or client, building a personal brand is essential...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 15 Mar 2016

Making hard decisions, easier

Each day we make thousands of decisions. Most are fairly insignificant, but others carry weight and consequences, like some of the decisions you find yourself having to make...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 8 Dec 2015

Improve work energy with high quality connections

Look at yourself. Are you running out of energy at work? Do you feel that your colleagues or team members do not appreciate you, or that your supervisor is not interested in you...?

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 2 Nov 2015

Can you coach someone to be creative?

To some degree, our creativity levels are hard to change. It comes down to personality traits, which are set by the time we reach early adulthood. Creatives tend to exhibit intellectual curiosity, openness to experience...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 6 Aug 2015

Get promoted and make an impact - be extraordinary

It's great to have a firm idea of your career ambitions and, once you have a clear goal in mind, translate it into an action statement that you can easily remember and recall every day...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 3 Mar 2015

HR, is it strategically supporting your organisation?

There is an increasing emphasis among business leaders on leveraging organisational capabilities in order to be more competitive...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 21 Jan 2015

Building accountability

I think Coca Cola's 2020 Vision sums up nicely what accountability is all about: "If it is to be, it's up to me". In the words of Ghandi, "be the change you want to see in the world"...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 26 Nov 2014

Building brands with good ambassadors

A strong brand is critical, particularly in tourism, as it is your promise to your customer, tells them what they can expect and differentiates the experience you offer from your competitors...

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 4 Jul 2014

Missing link between skills development, increased performance

Skills development is still a major focus in South Africa. Businesses are incentivised to implement clearly defined skills development programmes. Although businesses can see almost immediate benefits through tax and skills levy rebates and better B-BBEE scores; are these programmes positively affecting the performance of employees and the organisations they work for?

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 20 Nov 2012

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