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South Africa's #SaveWater mascot Splash is scarier than the drought

While the City of Cape Town is using apps, Twitter campaigns and Mmusi Maimane's bucket delegation skills to remind South Africans to save water, the nation's Department of Water and Sanitation is taking a - ahem - different approach...

By Andy Walker 19 hours ago

Raccoons, superheroes and bald heads are getting new emoji this year

Expect to see more options when picking out the perfect emoji to accompany your messages this year...

By Andy Walker 9 Feb 2018

Selfie Kid: Superbowl 52 births February's first wholesome meme

Many South Africans may not think of American Football as a valid sport (I mean, we have rugby after all), but we most certainly recognise a good meme when we see one...

By Andy Walker 7 Feb 2018

Facebook invents a new unit of time called Flicks

Not content with just feeding you awkward revelations you wish your family had kept to themselves, Facebook now wants to toy with your time. Literally...

By Andy Walker 24 Jan 2018

Donald Trump unveils his 2017 Fake News Awards winners

The GOP website just couldn't keep up with the traffic its latest blog post demanded...

By Andy Walker 22 Jan 2018

Cape Town's 'green' map reveals water usage per household

The City of Cape Town has this week made spying on friends, family or even neighbours' water usage habits even easier...

By Andy Walker 17 Jan 2018

The who, what and why of the Ugandan Knuckles meme

The internet is an odd and confusing place, and the gaming world's latest meme is solid proof of this...

By Andy Walker 16 Jan 2018

World stands up for Haiti, Africa after Trump's "shithole" comment

US President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to respond to reports that he referred to Africa, Haiti and El Salvador as "shitholes"...

By Andy Walker 15 Jan 2018

This is how global internet speeds changed in 2017

You may not feel it if you're still using ADSL over century-old copper lines in South Africa, but global internet speeds over both fixed broadband and mobile networks have increased in 2017.

By Andy Walker 18 Dec 2017

This Indian airport handled close to 1000 flights in a single day

We're not sure what you were up to Friday night, but an airport in India had no time for partying. In fact, Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport this weekend broke the record for the most number of flights handled in a single day by a single airport...

By Andy Walker 28 Nov 2017

Elon Musk's BFR will fly from London to Cape Town in just 34 minutes

His space exploration company SpaceX is pondering a new method of transporting people from one corner of the Earth to the other. And it involves a space vehicle/rocket system called the BFR...

By Andy Walker 2 Oct 2017

Twitter is doubling the length of tweets to 280 characters

Twitter's 140-character limit may soon be a thing of the past. The microblogging network announced plans to extend its arbitrary but now-familiar 140-character limit to 280 characters...

By Andy Walker 27 Sep 2017

Department of Education website hacked

If you're trying to access South Africa's Department of Basic Education's website at present, you can't. It's down. And there's a very good reason why...

By Andy Walker 29 Jun 2017

Facebook knows when teens are vulnerable, then targets them with ads

“Don't be evil” is a common phrase uttered by Google executives, but we can't help but think Facebook should perhaps adopt it too...

By Andy Walker 3 May 2017

SouthAfricaIn3Words: one complex country, one complex hashtag

South Africa. Another large, populous country in Southern Africa that harbours a wealth of promise, but hasn't yet lived up to it this century...

By Andy Walker 10 Apr 2017

TweetDeck might not be free for much longer

Struggling to nail down a reliable revenue stream while controlling its often-irate user base, Twitter may soon charge you to use some elements of its currently free service TweetDeck...

By Andy Walker 24 Mar 2017

Twitter talks security after OR Tambo International heist

Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport was the scene of an estimated US$15 million heist on Tuesday night...

By Andy Walker 9 Mar 2017

Amazon wants to take over the boardroom, silence Skype with Chime

Internet behemoth Amazon has announced a new workplace messaging and conferencing facility. Dubbed Chime, the product is billed as a “communications service that transforms online meetings with a secure, easy-to-use application that you can trust”.

By Andy Walker 15 Feb 2017

China's Weibo is now worth more than Twitter

Twitter is just not having a good end to the decade. After disappointing Q4 2016 financial results marred the platform's active role in the US Elections, a new report now suggests that Twitter is valued less than its Chinese rival Weibo...

By Andy Walker 14 Feb 2017

Google, H&M wants your phone to design your next dress

While our favourite garments aren't as unique as we believe them to be, how we combine these pieces defines our individual style...

By Andy Walker 8 Feb 2017

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