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Kirsty Sharman
Silly season social marketing insights

The shops and malls are already filled with Christmas decorations to the hilt, complete with BoneyM in the background and Santa photo stations at every corner. It's obvious that the brick and mortar world is racing away on the festive season bandwagon already, but what are the trends in online marketing around the silly season?

By Kirsty Sharman 28 Nov 2014 08:19

Rise of a new age in retail has begun
Rise of a new age in retail has begun

Delivery times are an integral part of online shopping. Even in South Africa, retailers offer 24 hour (or even same day) delivery on many goods. Recently, Makro announced a partnership with Sasol to send purchased goods to secure lockers at forecourts, with customers simply typing in a code to get access to their goods. In the digital world, the retail experience has evolved to consist of multiple channels that serve consumers on their platform of choice. The unsung hero in all of this is delivery, without which online shopping could not have become the success it is today.

27 Nov 2014 09:09

Lynette Hundermark
How retail can rule 2015

There are just over 37 million adults in South Africa today and, if you want to reach them, there's no better way than to use mobile technology. Some 36 million people who are 15 and older have a cellular phone, which means that the opportunity for connecting with consumers this festive season is massive.

By Lynette Hundermark 26 Nov 2014 11:36