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Why 'Excellence' should be at the top of our national agenda

[Douglas Kruger] Oprah said that the best answer to racism was personal excellence. The concept can be taken even further. Personal excellence is the solution to a great many things, one of which is the catastrophically damaging labour unrest currently choking our economy into negative growth.

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2014 Elections: Nitty-Gritties and The Rabbit Tricks

[Tralone Khoza] Are South Africans looking forward to casting their votes, and be active participants in how their country will be managed going forward?

Posted 3 months ago | Like
From the Aurora Cricket Club to Mbalula

[Ed Herbst] A media chronology: 'Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.' - Article 6 of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism.

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New National Cyber Security Advisory council announced

[Rod Baker] NEWSWATCH: Communications Minister Yunus Carrim has inaugurated the National Cyber Security Advisory Council (NCAC), reports Mail & Guardian.

Posted 9 months ago | Like
Pule sanctioned SABC/MultiChoice deal?

[Rod Baker] NEWSWATCH: According to an ITWeb report, quoting City Press, former communications minister Dina Pule sanctioned the controversial R550m SABC/MultiChoice deal.

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The rise of the pre-tenders

[Anton Ressel] The next generation of tenderpreneurs is waiting in the wings, and we should all be very worried.

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Housing for miners should provide jobs too

[Paddy Hartdegen] I fail to understand why it should take the deaths of 44 people - and a year of mourning for the lost loved-ones - to get someone to do something about housing in an area that should be awash with money.

Posted 10 months ago | Like
Big business outdoes government on leadership ethics

[Johan Poolman] Government and Big Business have something in common - corruption. They seem to be head-to-head in a reckless scramble to outdo each other in the high-stakes corruption game.

Posted 11 months ago | Like (2)
Village services are just as bad

[Paddy Hartdegen] Protestors are generally portrayed as rampaging, unemployed hooligans with nothing better to do than make trouble. But there are other strange stories around this beautiful country of ours - stories that are enough to leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
DA wants Pule investigated

[Rod Baker] NEWSWATCH: The Democratic Alliance wants Communications Minister Dina Pule investigated and charged with corruption over appointments made in her department, reports Mail & Guardian.

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SAIRR calls for BEE to be scrapped

[Paddy Hartdegen] I may have been saying this for years but now another much more august body agrees that black economic empowerment initiatives should be scrapped and South Africa should entrust its development, growth and social change to the people who are best trained to implement them - whether they are black, Indian, coloured or white.

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John Chibaya Mbuya PhD
[Government] Risk Management Culture for Future Leaders Program 18-21 Feb. 2013 Public Sector Accounting and Budgets Best Practices Program 25-28 Feb. 2013
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Will Mangaung arrest a decline in confidence in South Africa's future?

[Dr Nikolaus Eberl] With the 53rd Elective Conference of the ANC now on in Mangaung, and 33 prominent business leaders calling for a joint effort to "arrest a decline in confidence in South Africa's future" (a clarion call joined by members of the banks and the clergy), there is the question as to what exactly will restore both investor and consumer confidence post the event that is causing so much anxiety throughout the nation.

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One-Corporate One-Entrepreneur
[Government] OCOE is an empowerment campaign by an NPO equip entrepreneurs with necessary tools 2 compass & navigate business opportunities that can create value in their own communities.
Posted 1 year ago | Like (2)
Government contact centres: Please hold

[Karl Reed] There's good news and bad news for citizens frustrated by their interactions with government call centres: major change is happening, but it will take time. Government-run contact centres get a lot of bad publicity. Some of it is deserved, but some of the bad press is purely because bad news sells.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Hussam Alzubi
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Yasir Ayub
Hi Husssam How r u Yasir here thanks to connect with me if u want to join my fb please comon Posted 1 year ago
Cassandra Soll
[Government] Still trying to find work here in Gauteng, since i had to resign from dept Health, remarried and relocated, even though I have over 20 years Admin, still battling.
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Adrian Wessie
[Government] Pain is the little voice in your head that tries to hold you back because it knows if you continue, you will change. Don't let it stop you from being who you can be.
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Ikechukwu kalu
[Government] Grow value through marketing knowledge across the business. 29th June, Serena Hotel, Dar es Salaam. Register early and get 20% discount.
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Wanda Skerrett
[Government] Smart Metro assists Municipalities to maximise revenue from their billable assets according to their legislated mandate to bill for immovable property.
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