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VoIP comes of age - business-grade quality, scalability and functionality
VoIP comes of age - business-grade quality, scalability and functionality

Organisations that still doubt the suitability of Voice over IP for business must have missed the final act, in which VoIP grows up, gets the girl and drives off into the sunset in smoking hot yet reliable wheels.

25 Oct 2012

NATIVE Mobile Report highlights some NB industry issues
NATIVE Mobile Report highlights some NB industry issues

The latest issue of the NATIVE Mobile Report covers some important industry events - including the launch of iPhone 5 and the release of iOS6, the Loeries and the 4G race that is hotting up in SA.

10 Oct 2012

Mark Chertkow
Before you throw out analogue security cameras in favour of IP, consider this...

With the rise of convergence and the evolution of the data network to incorporate multiple technologies, security and video over IP has become increasingly popular. Thanks to increased bandwidth availability in South Africa, IP security cameras are becoming a more viable option, and do offer many benefits. However there are also downsides to this technology, particularly in light of the fact that local bandwidth remains inconsistent and is still relatively expensive, and video streaming requires large amounts of stable bandwidth to perform to its best ability.

By Mark Chertkow 9 Oct 2012

Mobile phones getting less toxic: researcher
Mobile phones getting less toxic: researcher

WASHINGTON: Mobile phone manufacturers, responding to consumer and regulatory pressure, are using fewer toxic substances in their products, researchers in the United States said Wednesday, 3 October 2012.

4 Oct 2012

Digital revolution hits Northern Cape
Digital revolution hits Northern Cape

It was a historic day for the Northern Cape on Wednesday, when the province became the first in the country to enjoy the digital revolution with the launch of the demonstration of digital migration technology.

4 Oct 2012

Samsung launches new cost effective mobile phone range
Samsung launches new cost effective mobile phone range

Samsung has expanded its range of low-cost mobile phones with the introduction of the Samsung Pusha mobile device range - a feature phone range that is not only cost effective, but also provides the reliability of a leading mobile brand and the connectivity expected by today's consumers.

1 Oct 2012

Public servants must be techno savvy - Sisulu
Public servants must be techno savvy - Sisulu

Government has the responsibility to professionalise the public service by upgrading and retaining their skills through technology, says Public Service and Administration Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

28 Sep 2012

Tougher penalties and increased awareness needed to curb copper cable theft

Increasing the penalties for the perpetrators of copper cable theft and improving training and awareness amongst those responsible for fighting this crime are two of the main challenges that need to be urgently addressed before progress can be made.

Issued by IIR 26 Sep 2012

How smartphones and tablet devices are shaping the future of the contact centre

The concept of integration in the contact centre has been widely discussed in recent years, with many companies having made great strides towards achieving a more unified environment. SMS, email and web chat are gradually being incorporated into contact centres, and now afford customers the option to have their queries dealt with via a variety of channels.

By Deon Scheepers 26 Sep 2012

Marketing pays off: iPhone 5 frenzy builds ahead of today's release
Marketing pays off: iPhone 5 frenzy builds ahead of today's release

SAN FRANCISCO, US: Gadget lovers have flooded Apple with pre-orders and set up camp outside the company's real-world stores to get their hands on the new generation iPhone 5 set for release today. [Video]

21 Sep 2012

John Ginsberg
Renewed mobile Facebook focus, iPhone 5 launch: Ignore mobile at your peril

The recent announcement by Facebook of its increased focus in the mobile space, coupled with the fevered interest following the iPhone 5 launch, should be seen as a timely reminder to companies to seriously consider mobile as part of their existing multi-channel communications strategy.

By John Ginsberg 19 Sep 2012

Copper cable theft in the Western Cape to be discussed at key industry forum

The introduction of the new Second Hand Goods Act is one of the most significant developments taking place in the fight against copper cable theft. This is according to Bernard Maguire, Executive Member of the Metals Recycling Association and Sidney Arnold, General Manager Network Operations at MTN.

Issued by IIR 13 Sep 2012

Telkom in need for speed
Telkom in need for speed

Telkom's investing in new network infrastructure must be welcomed, even though it will take time to make the faster speeds widely available

By Duncan McLeod: @mcleodd 10 Sep 2012

Rob Lith
Should your company move to the cloud?

"Cloud-based communications has clear benefits, but whether those benefits will accrue to your organisation depends on a number of factors. If your enterprise answers to any of the questions in the checklist below, you may be in the market for a hosted PBX."

By Rob Lith 28 Aug 2012

LTE - how can Africa prepare for this evolution?

Long-term evolution (LTE) technology is the next step up from 3G. This all-IP network technology will give users three times the wireless throughput and increase network capacity considerably.

By Martin Ferreira 24 Aug 2012

Third of computer users have infected storage devices
Third of computer users have infected storage devices

While the majority of computer users are more likely to fall victim to cybercrime online, a recent survey indicates 32% of users contract computer infections caused by portable data carriers (optical discs or USB drives). Even if a user is confident that his/her computer is securely protected, an infected USB stick from friends or family could result in data loss.

21 Aug 2012

Bezu retro phones come to South Africa

From Spring 2012, Bezu Retro Phones will be available in South Africa from leading retailers including Look & Listen. This novel handset replaces earpieces as a comfortable and stylish way of talking on a mobile phone, without holding the phone to the ear, thus reducing the amount radiation absorbed.

20 Aug 2012

The Ultrabook - the ultimate destination?

The Ultrabook has arrived with a big bang and its super-slim, light and small form factor - with mega performance and long battery life - is making mainstream laptops look archaic. Everyone wants one. If the evolutionary path that notebooks and laptops have taken to date are anything to go by, "everyone" is likely to get their wish - Ultrabooks are a template for future devices.

By Francois van Wijk 20 Aug 2012

Datacentrix delivers Lenovo laptops to Ernst & Young

In a project that is set to continue for the remainder of the year, Ernst & Young - a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services - has rolled out more than 450 Lenovo X220 and T420 devices. The hardware is being supplied by Datacentrix, a provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions.

17 Aug 2012

One account, multiple devices?

One online profile, one place for storage, seamless access from any device and the security and a reliable connection to make it all possible? If that sounds good to you, you are probably one of a growing number of people who have an embarrassing amount of digital devices on which they work, play, interact and store important business and personal information.

By Francois van Wijk 15 Aug 2012

SABLE Accelerator launched to tap SA brainpower
SABLE Accelerator launched to tap SA brainpower

PALO ALTO, US: South Africa's untapped brains trust and knowledge network of expatriate assets around the world will soon be activated to help the country be more competitive in realising a better return on innovation and entrepreneurship across both the private and public sectors.

8 Aug 2012

"Curiosity" has landed: Siemens helps NASA usher in a new era in space exploration
"Curiosity" has landed: Siemens helps NASA usher in a new era in space exploration

At 0732 CET, when NASA's 900kg Mars rover "Curiosity" landed, stirred up red dust, and transmitted the first research results back to Earth, it became clear that the mission is a success, and the technology used can withstand even the harshest conditions. The foundation for this success had already been laid in the previous months and years.

6 Aug 2012 revamps recruitment business revamps recruitment business

Since its launch in 2001, Bizcommunity has always seen the benefit for our readers of having industry jobs available on the site, as well as the benefit to companies looking for applicants and recruiters and recruitment agencies having a targeted audience pool to search for good quality applicants and CVs.

Issued by Bizcommunity 6 Aug 2012

Digital broadcast deadline concerns
Digital broadcast deadline concerns

Parliament's communications portfolio committee earlier this week expressed concern over whether the deadline to migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting would be met, saying it had been "sceptical" about the "timeframes" from the outset.

3 Aug 2012

Telefónica UK (O2) selects Ruckus Wireless to supply small cells

Telefónica UK, operator of the popular O2 brand, has selected Ruckus Wireless to supply high-capacity small cell products for high-speed wireless services being deployed throughout London.

2 Aug 2012

Kaspersky Open Space Security provides complete protection
Kaspersky Open Space Security provides complete protection

The Kaspersky Open Space Security suite of products has seen substantial growth in South Africa as well as into sub-Saharan Africa. It provides world-class anti-malware protection in a single, integrated suite of applications that work seamlessly across all platforms. Every workstation, laptop, file server, mail server, internet gateway or smartphone is fully protected, giving Open Space Security users complete confidence that the network is secure, whether they are working in the office, remotely or at home.

31 Jul 2012

Multiple quantities of Raspberry Pi computer boards now available

RS Components customers worldwide can now order multiple quantities of the Raspberry Pi Model B board, along with the associated accessories to enable users to get started, including SD cards pre-loaded with the Raspberry Pi operating system and unique cases for safer storage. Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer board developed to boost the uptake of computer programming among young people and enthusiasts.

24 Jul 2012

Minister mum on digital migration
Minister mum on digital migration

National policy seems to be at a standstill in the Department of Communications, with little information coming from the minister's office.

By Samuel Mungadze 19 Jul 2012

Facebook buys mobile gadget focused Spool
Facebook buys mobile gadget focused Spool

SAN FRANCISCO, US: Facebook added more mobile technology to its arsenal with the acquisition of Spool, a start-up specialising in bookmarking and sharing content on smartphones or tablets.

17 Jul 2012

Location-based services gaining traction in South Africa

Recent TNS research (TNS Mobile Life June 2012) found that there is a growing appetite for location-based services (LBS) among mobile subscribers worldwide, including South Africa. Jacques Swanepoel, MD of Cellfind, says that the technology is gaining traction for navigation, personal safety and entertainment applications.

13 Jul 2012

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