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2011 Maputo International Ad Festival set for May

The sixth Maputo International Advertising Festival will take place from 25-27 May 2011, AMEP - the Mozambican Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Association announced yesterday. The festival recognises advertising agencies, producers and communications companies worldwide especially from Africa and the Indian Ocean regions.

23 Feb 2011

Malawi: MTL faces competition
Malawi: MTL faces competition

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL), which has enjoyed sole operation as a fixed telephone service provider, is now in for stiff competition with the second fixed telephone operator, Access Communication, rolling out its operations. In order to outdo its competitor, MTL impressed at the just ended technology fair in Blantyre that was organised by the Malawi Confederation Chamber of Commerce (MCCCI).

By Gregory Gondwe 10 Nov 2010

CNN enlists top journalism students for iReport initiative
CNN enlists top journalism students for iReport initiative

ATLANTA, US: CNN has announced the launch of a new initiative for journalism students, called CNN iReport University, linked to iReport, the network's user-generated news community.

16 Sep 2010

Malawi: Innovative campaigning by women candidates

LILONGWE: You will find Beauty Kasonda on her campaign trail at funerals, weddings, church functions or just about any local gathering in her community. Kasonda does not have the sort of funding her male counterparts have for campaigning in the country's November 2010 elections but she is not letting that stop her.

By Claire Ngozo 3 Aug 2010

The art of investing in Nigeria
The art of investing in Nigeria

Despite facing serious challenges which include, among others, organised crime, 419 scam, corruption, power issues, instability in the oil-rich Niger Delta region, Nigerian authorities believe their country's market-size coupled with endless business opportunities make an African ‘heaven' for investment.

By Issa Sikiti da Silva 18 Sep 2009

Why invest in Malawi - the warm heart of Africa
Why invest in Malawi - the warm heart of Africa

Ranked Africa's second most peaceful and stable nation after Botswana, Southern Africa's Malawi is a relatively poor nation but a ‘golden mine' flooded with untapped economic opportunities waiting to be explored and exploited by potential investors. Not even the global recession could manage to shake the modest but well-organised economy of this ‘overlooked' but magical country.

By Issa Sikiti da Silva 31 Aug 2009

Gregory Gondwe
Malawi's Mutharika sticks to his guns on currency devaluation

Malawi is now ranked world second from Qatar as the fastest growing economy. To achieve this it has, to an extent, been deaf to some of the dictates from the Bretton Wood Institutions; the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

By Gregory Gondwe 15 Jun 2009

Gregory Gondwe
Malawi's AGOA exports tumble

Malawi's exports to the US through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) have fallen for the last two years and government has said it will jack up its actions to improve the situation.

By Gregory Gondwe 10 Jun 2009

Gregory Gondwe
Malawi to identify seven wonders for tourism industry

Malawi is set to identify seven amazing wonders that will be used to promote its tourism industry, according to Access Communication Limited, a company which is developing the concept.

By Gregory Gondwe 5 Jun 2009