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Coca-Cola Egypt: Dubai Lynx 2011 Advertiser of the Year Award

DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Lynx Advertiser of the Year Award is presented to advertisers in the MENA region who have distinguished themselves for inspiring innovative marketing of their products and who embrace and encourage the creative work produced by their agencies. This year the winner is Coca-Cola Egypt.
A global brand using a local voice, Coca-Cola Egypt has understood and embraced the unique cultural and marketing conditions of the country, creating an alliance with its consumers.

Since the launch of Dubai Lynx, Coca-Cola Egypt has won a total of eight Dubai Lynx Awards across several categories, including two Grands Prix:

2010. Film Gold (Burger Shop, Taxi, Grocer), Film Silver (Jason, Twins, Bees), Integrated Grand Prix (89 Fans From 89)

2009. Film Grand Prix (France, Italy, German, Spain), Media Silver (A Touring Ovation), Media Bronze (A Touring Ovation)

2008. Film Gold (The Angry, The Emotional, The Pessimists, The Optimists, The Experts, The Wannabes, The Idiots, The Yuppies, Every Time We Score), Film Silver (Goatee)

The award will be presented to Ahmed Nazmy, head of Marketing and Strategy, Coca-Cola Egypt Franchise, Omar Mandour, general manager, Coca-Cola Egypt Franchise, and Nabil Kouchouk, colas manager, Egypt Franchise, during the Dubai Lynx awards ceremony at The Madinat Arena, Dubai, on 30 March.

Ahmed Nazmy comments: "Creativity is a result of certain inspiration and you have 85 million consumers inspiring you every minute of the day, the results of which are exceptional. As such, we are truly delighted to be honoured with this year's Dubai Lynx Advertiser of the Year Award."

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt is the sole bottler for Egypt and operates nine bottling plants throughout the country, employing 11 494 staff to produce 13 brands: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Dasani, Burn, Schweppes, Hi-Spot, Sport Cola, Crush and Schweppes Gold. For every job created at Coca-Cola, a further 10 jobs are created in the wider Egyptian economy as a result of local sourcing as well as supply and distribution linkages.

Key dates:

Delegates: registration now open
Festival dates: 27 - 29 March 2011, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Dubai Lynx Awards: 30 March 2011, Madinat Jumeirah Arena, Dubai, UAE