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Recruitment trend survey results released

MCI Consultants has recently announced the results of its 2012 SA HR Recruitment trend survey that ran for just over 30 days and received 812 responses from HR professionals nationwide.
"We believe this to be the largest survey of its kind ever to be conducted in South Africa," commented Rhett Davies, a partner of MCI. "The interest shown in this survey took us all by surprise and clearly indicates that recruitment is an area that is causing many headaches for companies as they seek to grapple with the skills shortage that exists in this country."

Some of the highlights from the survey were as follows:

  • Seventy-three percent of organisations have a careers section on their websites
  • Fifty-two percent of organisations use a recruitment management system
  • Only 58 percent of organisations had an annual staff turnover of less than 10 percent
  • Ninety-three percent of organisations attempt to source and place candidates internally before approaching recruitment agencies
  • Forty percent of respondents have between one and five recruitment agencies on their preferred supplier lists
  • Fifty-eight percent of organisations do not primarily make use of recruitment agencies to fill their requirements
  • Fifty-three percent of organisations use social media to recruit candidates; with LinkedIn being by far the most successful
  • Overall, recruitment agencies and internal referrals gave the best quality candidates; while print media gave the worst.

The full results of the survey can be found at

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