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Regenesys Business School offers free business education

Regenesys Business School, a leading management and leadership higher education institution, has broken new ground by becoming the first business school in the world to offer free business education from certificate, diploma, Bachelors Degree up to an MBA level.
The institution will make all learning materials freely available online in this game-changing initiative which will forever change the education industry for all South Africans, the continent and the rest of the world.

Brett Cousins, director at Regenesys Business School, described the move by the school as revolutionary, saying it would open the doors of learning for everyone, not only to people who plan to advance to executive levels, but also to entrepreneurs, school leavers and anyone who wants access to top quality business knowledge and tools from a reputable institution. This move allows students from anywhere in the world to study on their smartphone, tablet or PC, for free.

Access to intellectual property

"The free education model is based on a Freemium model, which essentially provides anyone full access to Regenesys' intellectual property in the form of free learning material, tutoring videos, study guides, e-books, webinars, academic articles, e-learning technical support and much more across all business qualifications. By registering online, students enjoy unlimited access to these learning materials at no cost," says Cousins.

"If the student decides to obtain an accredited qualification, options exist within the Freemium model for students to submit assignments, write examinations or attend classes, which is a paid for service. This also allows a student the freedom to complete a qualification module by module according to his/her own time requirements." According to Cousins, attaining a tertiary qualification remains a distant dream for most South Africans, and this compounds the skills shortage challenges.

To date, Regenesys Business School has spent in excess of R50 million on the development of learning programmes, accreditation and e-learning technology. Regenesys plans to continue to invest and stay abreast of industry norms and standards to ensure that all students receive world class business knowledge and education leading to a recognised qualification.

Philosophy of human development

"The Regenesys Business School was built on the philosophy of human development and awakening potential through education and whether it is a school leaver, entrepreneur or business professional, access to free knowledge is a sustainable way of igniting potential in others," says Cousins.

"Free business education is Regenesys' gift to South Africa and the world. We believe that through this offering we are supporting and empowering individuals; promoting economic development and competitiveness within the context of a rapidly growing knowledge economy. This offering also provides life-long learning and development opportunities which will help reduce poverty and suffering in the long run," he adds.

"Our goal is to educate one million people in the next three years," Cousins concludes. "Regardless of one's location or financial means, everyone should have access to life-long learning and development opportunities."