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Support Literacy Month - purchase a Readathon Read Reading Box

As September is Literacy month, it is an opportune time to support the READ Educational Trust, which has successfully promoted literacy in South Africa for nearly four decades, by buying one of its Readathon Read Reading Boxes.

The annual Readathon campaign is READ’s pride and joy, and focuses on exciting activities to promote literacy and even more importantly, a love for reading amongst South African children. This year’s campaign includes workshops hosted countrywide, during Literacy Month.

This will be the fourth year that READ’s Readathon Red Reading Box will form an integral part of activities and through this initiative, over 12,000 children are reached, nationally.

The Red Reading Box has proved invaluable in getting children excited about reading. It is filled with board games, interesting stories of various genres, puzzles, things to make and all items required to complete every activity. It is suitable for primary school learners from Grade 4, right through to those in high school.

Every year, a special theme is dedicated to the Red Reading Box. This year’s theme, celebrates the countless treasures we have all around us. A Treasure Book is filled with stories, riddles, word games, pop-ups and more. A Treasure Journal encourages learners to get creative and work on their own stories and ideas. Then there is the Treasure Hunt board game as well as a pack of 54 playing cards: Treasure Playing Cards, which encourage an increase in vocabulary. A Treasure Poster and a Treasury of Stories completes the enriching line-up in this year’s Readathon Red Reading Box.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to purchase a Readathon Read Reading Box for only R250 - 100% of the profits go to READ’S programmes in disadvantaged communities all over South Africa, encouraging the sheer joy of picking up a book, and reading!

To purchase, go to or Take-a-Lot