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How technology is opening new doors for neuro-atypical learners

One of the main effects of rapid digitisation is personalisation and customisation that gives consumers what they need, when they need it - and that extends to those whose needs differ from the norm...

By Claudia Swartzberg 2 days ago

South African Green Schools Programme launches

The inaugural South African Green Schools Programme has been in Polokwane as a pilot project...

26 Apr 2017

Nal'ibali's Story Powered Schools addressed literacy rights of rural children

The Nal'ibali's Story Powered Schools team celebrated World Book Day by addressing the literacy rights of rural children...

26 Apr 2017

BDO Inter-School Quiz fourth round winners

Durban Girls High School have earned a place in the 2017 BDO Inter-School Quiz final after winning the fourth regional round of the competition...

24 Apr 2017

What happens when you build a business solution, but your customers find other uses for it

Whilst ADDaBIT was formed on the principle of a bit for now and a bit for later, it has grown to serve more purposes than to drive crowd-saving - and its fans have found applications that the founder, Michael Griffin, never considered...

Issued by ADDaBIT 21 Apr 2017

Support the love of reading this World Book Day

The national reading-for-enjoyment campaign, Nal'ibali is giving away books to the value of R250,000 to its literacy development partners in honour of World Book Day on 23 April 2017, and is calling on the public to help increase that...

19 Apr 2017

Textbooks adopt inclusive approach to diversity

The interim report released by the Basic Education Ministerial Task Team (MTT) has found that textbooks used in South African schools generally adopt a mildly inclusive approach to diversity...

19 Apr 2017

Education needs to update to global skills inclusion in curricula

The 2016 report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed that educational institutions worldwide are failing to equip learners with the global competencies they will need to be employable in coming years...

19 Apr 2017

A bit for now and a bit for education - Simple. Social. Schooling

Yolinda Koesnel is an educator and visionary in her small community of Rowallan Park, a previously disadvantaged area in Port Elizabeth. ADDaBIT had a chat to Yolinda about her school and her vision for impacting her community through creating a fund...

Issued by ADDaBIT 12 Apr 2017

Holiday activities that will keep the kids busy... and won't break the bank!

While it's great to be able to spend quality time with your kids during school holidays, it's also exhausting trying to come up with new activities that will keep your children occupied and not cost a fortune...

Issued by Ackermans 11 Apr 2017

The Rand Show brings science to life in the Wonderful World of Why workshops

It's new, it's messy, it's gooey, and the kids are going to love it. It's the Wonderful World of Why, a series of brand-new interactive science workshops exclusive to the Rand Show 2017...

Issued by Rand Show 11 Apr 2017

Get nutty about science in “The Magic of Science” at the Rand Show 2017

International science education brand the Nutty Scientists brings a new interactive science show full of magical reactions and explosive fun to the Rand Show 2017...

Issued by Rand Show 10 Apr 2017

Cape learners rewarded for recycling efforts

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is rewarding schools around South Africa for their dedication to reducing our country's waste with its Annual Schools Glass Recycling Competition...

6 Apr 2017

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How to make every day World Design Day in SA

World Design Day is all about exploring and enhancing natural creativity and planting small seeds on change in collectively designing a more human-friendly and inclusive society for all.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

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