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Searching for a superhero... teacher

In celebration of the upcoming World Teachers' Day, Woolworths and MySchool have launched their annual Teachers' Day competition for learners to put their superhero teachers into the limelight...

17 Aug 2017

Scrapping maths in school won't solve problem

Doing away with the maths as a compulsory school subject will not solve the problem of South Africa's appalling math results...

17 Aug 2017

South African, Korean schoolchildren collaborate on drone building

A team of Korean educators, who won a tender from Samsung for a study to forecast what education might look like in the year 2030, approached Curro, a South African educator group, to collaborate on a drone-building project...

16 Aug 2017

All South African schools to be online by 2018

Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Enver Surty, says every South African school will be digitally connected by 2018...

Issued by Kaelo Engage 14 Aug 2017

Ghana gets SAP Africa Code Week

Africa Code Week (ACW), which started in 2015 to equip parents, teachers and educators with the coding skills and teaching materials they need to train children and youth in their immediate communities, arrived back in Ghana this week...

11 Aug 2017

Capitec joins BASA in youth outreach on financial education

The Banking Association of South Africa (BASA), through its StarSaver initiative, challenges member banks to take financial education to South Africa's Grade 7-9 learners to provide sound financial foundations...

10 Aug 2017

#WomensMonth: Illiteracy rates among women are falling: why isn't this good news?

Functional illiteracy rates in South Africans over the age of 20 are on the decline. But, this doesn't necessarily point to either a satisfactory education system or an equitable employment environment...

By Jackie Carroll 10 Aug 2017

Xhosa language school encourages cultural diversity in Western Cape

This weekend saw the official launch of Masithethe IsiXhosa (Conversations in isiXhosa) a Xhosa language school in the Western Cape...

8 Aug 2017

Airbus Little Engineers initiative comes to Africa

The Airbus Foundation has launched Airbus Little Engineer (ALE) robotics programme in Africa, aiming to reach at least 3,000 learners. Initial workshops will be held together with local stakeholders in Kenya and Nigeria later this year...

7 Aug 2017

Practice creativity with confidence

Open Design's Steam Symposium speaker, Richard Perez unpacks the “design thinking” concept and shares his vision for the future of Steam education...

By Juanita Pienaar 7 Aug 2017

New bursary scheme to incubate students into employees

Generation Education has launched a bursary scheme aimed at learners from the age of 15 years and older within both its schools and their surrounding communities...

4 Aug 2017

Aiding deaf learners through online maths assessments

Online maths assessments (OMAs) provide deaf and hard-of-hearing learners a fair chance to improve their understanding and marks...

4 Aug 2017

Is the private sector complicit in public sector corruption?

Dr Mamphela Ramphele believes the Gupta email leaks raise very worrying questions of corporate complicity with corruption...

3 Aug 2017

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