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New free learning app for pre-school children

Child development experts at the Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland have introduced an innovative digital learning app called Stimulearn, which incorporates learning tools for pre-school children intended to stimulate them through interactive games.
Photo via Nido Kids
The app focuses on the enhancement of the following key areas of cognition in children aged 3-5 years of age - language, psychomotor, problem solving, attention/concentration and memory. It also has the endorsement of child specialists at the ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaire). The app is broken up into a series of interactive games with names such as Forgotten Castle, Pearl Beach, all focusing on the five areas of cognition.

Understanding that children learn interdependently and interactively with a parent or teacher, the app also combines parental interaction with cognitive stimulation through the various games that make up the app. It also has a special learning feature for mothers to help monitor their child's development, equipped with tips and advice from experts.

The app is free and available for download on iOS and iStore. It operates in both an online and offline environment. For more information, go to