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Get ready for Green Office Week

Green Office Week (GOW), celebrated annually to demonstrate the need to change from ego living to eco-living, takes place this year 16-20 April with the theme, 'You make a difference'.
Materialism and consumerism have to be replaced with thoughtful purchasing. Sustainability issues are now top-of-the-agenda and whether the organisation is large or small, 'green' behaviours have to form a part of everyone's work habits.

Ana-Maria Valente, Green Office Week spokesperson, says, "The week aims to get all of us, at our workplaces, to look or relook at how we can recycle, reduce and reuse more, and save more. Our goal is to get everyone involved, not just the executive suite."

Lead sponsor of GOW, Europcar's CEO Dawn Nathan-Jones, says, "Once again the company is pleased to be the lead sponsor of GOW, the initiative that aims to achieve change in people's behaviours at the office. We support the theme, as we know that individuals, together with decision-makers, make a real difference.

"We believe that green is not just a matter of the mind but also of the heart and when people feel that going green is relevant, it is easier to get their commitment and involvement. This year's toolkit for the week also includes driving green tips and this is an area particularly close to our hearts. The company takes this opportunity to encourage as many people at work as possible to join in and make GOW a truly meaningful event."

Valente says, "We know that time is limited for most working people so the obvious thing to do is to make green office behaviours as easy as possible by providing samples of action plans that cover the key areas where everybody can start going green."

Green Heart award launched

The Green Heart award has also been launched this year to recognize the eco-heroes who implement green changes within the office environment. Entries can be made through its website.

Green Office Week in South Africa is endorsed by SACCI, AHI and IPM and supported by SAQI. The goodwill ambassador is Prof Mervyn King, one of the world's most respected figures on sustainability issues.

To make the planning of activities as simple as possible, all the tips and ideas needed can be downloaded free from the website