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Taverner takes the floor at SAB Zenzele AGM

Having initiated the internationally celebrated SAB Zenzele BBBEE share ownership scheme for its large taverner community, beverage giant SAB is intent on communicating clearly to its new business partners.
"For this reason, we were approached to come up with a way to 'translate' the jargon-heavy legalese of the typical shareholder meeting to an audience that is at best 'unfamiliar' with this kind of language and content," says Nick Warren, Executive Creative Director at multimedia company Mann Made Media.

The solution to this business challenge came in the form of the character 'S'bu - a taverner just like you' - whom Mann Made Media conceptualised and brought to life. S'bu is a tavern owner who struggles with a number of day-to-day problems while bravely trying to serve his very loyal local community.

"Already familiar with this 'Mann-made' character that we used as the host on a number of roadshows and videos over the past two years, the taverner shareholders now got to see their favourite fictional colleague in the strange and unfamiliar surroundings of a shareholders' meeting," Warren explains.

Sharing the stage with Chairman Dr Penuell Maduna and other esteemed Zenzele shareholder directors, S'bu stepped up from the audience and turned the complex communications into more accessible information - using examples that made sense to the average taverner.

Mic Mann, Executive Producer at Mann Made Media, adds: "The taverners were really engaged in the event - taking part, voting and being heard. You could feel their excitement and enthusiasm. It was a proud moment for the company - to have been part of this event."

The result: A smooth shareholder's meeting that not only informed the taverners, but allowed them to fully participate in the voting procedures and other formalities that are the rights and responsibilities of an active shareholder in today's economy.

"SAB Zenzele shareholders are always looking to stay informed and engage with the Company on every level, S'bu the taverner as a character really provided us with a great opportunity to educate shareholders on their rights and responsibilities as shareholders in ways they could relate to. The Mann Made team added great value and excitement to the event," concludes Duncan Pask, SAB Zenzele Manager.

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