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New Media's got the right brew for SAB employee mag

The creativity and strategic thinking of leading content marketer New Media are clearly on tap, as evidenced by their recent win of a competitive pitch for the publication of SAB Leaders Magazine.
New Media, who already handle internal communications for Multichoice and First National Bank, will take over the publication of SAB's employee magazine, with the first issue under their direction distributed this month (November).

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With a print run of 7000, the monthly A4 magazine reaches all employees of the company's beer division, and has the crisp look and feel of a glossy consumer magazine. The 40-page issue is filled with high quality imagery and engaging editorial, giving the employees a great read while reflecting the positive culture of SAB.

New Media has appointed Erika Bornman as Editor to direct the transformation of this title "to an inclusive people-centric read, which is a real perk to the company's employees," says Andrew Nunneley, New Media's Business Development Director.

"While SAB is well-known to the public as an industry leader, the company shares New Media's belief that staff engagement is as critical as customer engagement," said Nunneley. "We were chosen because we were able to closely and clearly tie the editorial strategy to SAB's business strategy and objectives. We have the experience it takes to put together a vibrant magazine that people will want to read, while still ensuring that each page of the magazine is there because it supports an element of the client's business strategy."

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"SAB today is a result of the hard work and dedication of many thousands of men and women who have worked for the company over the last 117 years," said Robyn Chalmers, SAB Head of Media and Communications. "One of our cornerstone values is that our people are our enduring advantage. Our success as a business is determined by how well employees understand our strategic priorities and the part they play in delivering on our goals. Under New Media's direction, we believe that Leaders will play a vital role in engaging our colleagues and developing true ambassadors for our company and our brands from within our own ranks."

"The decision to keep Leaders as the title was based on its resonance on many levels," said Nunneley. "While we looked at a title more closely linked to beer and brewing, in the end, we decided that Leaders really sums up the company's ethos. SAB is the market leader who also wants to continue playing a societal leadership role. Their success depends on their staff leading them into the future, and they want to be a company that wins for themselves, their people, their country and their environment."

The new-look cover is integral to the overall change in direction of the magazine. In line with the strategy of reflecting the diversity of people who call SAB home, covers will feature top-performing SAB employees beautifully photographed in their work environment, and will be backed by features which describe why they are worthy of recognition and how their role has contributed to the achievement of the company's overall strategy. "Besides looking great, covers like these have an inspirational quality to them, motivating employees to do their best in the hopes that they may someday be on the cover too," said Bornman.

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