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Backup, disaster recovery service an opportunity for resellers

Data management consulting company, Gabsten Technologies, has introduced a backup and disaster recovery managed service to resellers that service the SMME market.
Iniel Dreyer
Given the importance of data in a digitally-driven business environment, backup and disaster recovery is critical to business continuity and, until now, companies were forced to utilise their own resources to purchase and oversee information management software internally. This makes backup and recovery functionality complex and costly in light of shrinking budgets and a local skills shortage, and in some cases puts this functionality beyond the reach and affordability of smaller businesses.

This managed service offers resellers the ability to give their clients, usually small-to-medium enterprises, the opportunity to make use of a hosted software model with internationally-recognised software. It is a fully managed service to look after all the data that the client wants to protect.

Says Iniel Dreyer, the company's managing director: “This is an exceptional opportunity for our resellers that service the small-to-medium enterprise market, given that our resellers will never compete with us. It means that they do not have to have backup and disaster recovery skills to sell this offering and deliver on the service. Resellers still maintain the commercial relationship with their customers, and will be in a better position to meet their changing needs.”

The service has two possible service formats for businesses to choose from. The first, lower-cost option envisages office hours support from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, with backups that run in the evening. The second is a 24/7 model which means that if disaster strikes, day or night, public holiday or not, it will be covered and we’ll be there to offer support, on behalf of the reseller.

The service will be offered to resellers at wholesale price, with the possibility of earning a decent margin on its resale and has total white label availability. Furthermore, because this is a local service, resellers can assure clients that they can expect support and assistance that is locally available, from real experts on-site when they need it.