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Education Trends 2018

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CSR tutoring programme to improve education in Zanzibar

Best of Zanzibar, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative for the Pennyroyal Gibraltar Ltd Zanzibar Amber Resort, is aiming to improve education standards by offering after-hours tutoring to a total of 496 pupils from the 5th grade to form 3 (mid primary to secondary school) to improve their Maths and English capabilities.
The short-term aim is to improve the children’s performance and equip them with the abilities to pass their annual exams as Mathematics and English are core subjects. In the long-term, Best of Zanzibar hopes to improve their communication skills for both future employment and higher learning institution opportunities. With 10 dedicated teachers, pupils attend after-hours tutoring classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings for a total of eight hours a week and can be involved in the programme for up to five years, depending on their age when they start.

Best of Zanzibar has chosen two schools directly neighbouring Zanzibar Amber Resort - Mbuyu Tende and Kijini Primary School. Learners are tested on their growth regularly, with the first bout of testing set to start this month. Best of Zanzibar works closely with the District North A Educational Officer and head teachers to monitor and evaluate progress effectively with supportive changes being implemented as and when needed. The programmes have been met with positive feedback from both pupils, educators and villagers, with talks of expanding into other subjects in the future.

“The pupils are eager to learn and we have seen great improvement so far. We hope that by the end of the year, once their national exams are completed, we will really be able to see the benefits and results from the programme,” says Tia Egglestone, CSR Programme Manager.

To further enable the future job force of Zanzibaris, Best of Zanzibar have engineering scholarships in the pipeline.

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