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Online competitor tracking portal from Adcheck

Adcheck, one of South Africa's leading advertising monitors, has developed an innovative web-based tracking portal that allows marketers and brand owners to get the inside track on competitor advertising.
Angela Adamson, director of Adcheck
Launched at the end of June, the portal features user-friendly search functionality that allows clients to browse through all the latest advertising material being published or broadcast by their competitors. Multiple users within the client organisation can sign up for access to the ongoing material feed, which is constantly updated.

Angela Adamson, director of Adcheck, says the portal provides a quick, easy and efficient way of monitoring competitors' above-the-line marketing efforts. "Advertising is the ideal platform to ascertain what your competitors are saying to consumers. By analysing ads across all media you can see exactly how a brand is being positioned in the market, what benefits it is offering consumers, and who its primary and secondary target markets are. It is an incredibly useful and valuable marketing planning tool," says Adamson.

The portal displays a full range of competitor creative material across all media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, outdoor and online. To use the portal, clients must first sign up as subscribers, then they will receive email alerts each time new creative material matching their profile is uploaded to the portal. Clients can also use the portal to email, tweet, share on Facebook and download creative material.

Adamson says continuous competitor tracking has become vital in an environment where marketing directors have little time to check the advertisements of their competitors constantly and should form part of every company's marketing strategy.

The new portal revolutionises competitor tracking, as previously clients received the tracked ad material via disc or had to wait for it to be uploaded to an FTP site before they could access it.

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