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World's first craft beer brewed to be enjoyed while flying

Betsy Beer is the first beer designed and brewed to be enjoyed at high altitudes. Because senses are dulled by up to 30% during a flight, Cathay Pacific wanted to brew a beer that was perfectly suited to this environment.

The beer celebrates the eclectic flavours of the Orient with a tip of the hat to England's long-standing tradition of turning barley and hops into a golden pint.

Taking its name from Cathay Pacific’s first aircraft, Betsy is a uniquely crafted brew containing Dragon Fruit and New Territories honey from Hong Kong, along with Fuggle Hops grown in Kent and used in English breweries for centuries.

Unlike its highly-hopped counterparts, Betsy is a wheat-based beer with a higher carbonation level than ordinary brews, heightening the sense of taste and delivering a punch of flavour with less bitterness and more aroma.
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