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How streets can help bridge social and spatial divides

I recently had a very inspiring conversation with Marcela Guerrero Casas, co-founder and MD of Open Streets Cape Town about the power of streets and its ability to bridge social and spatial divides...

By Ilse van den Berg 26 May 2017

Digitally transformed, integrated public transport vital for Africa's economic growth

The use of innovative technology emerges as an ideal solution to help transform the transportation industry, by driving a world class service through real-time collaboration and monitoring...

25 Jan 2017

Lufthansa Group to make 2017 the year of digitalisation

Lufthansa Group showcased their commitment to making 2017 the year of digitalisation by demonstrating various new digital innovations at their first digital aviation forum...

12 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: What does 2017 hold for supply chains?

Supply chain trends will continue to be driven by the need to support business in meeting customer expectations while continuing to better manage and control costs...

By Mungo Park 12 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Smarter decision-making drives telematics development in 2017

While big data has been the buzzword for the past year within the telematics and fleet management space there is no doubt that, in the year to come, this will be ever more critical...

By Grant Fraser 11 Jan 2017

Serco to capitalise on new technology and innovation in 2017

Staying abreast of global trends and innovations is an important part of how Serco strives to give its customers the edge in a competitive African market...

10 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: The three hottest trends in transport and logistics

For businesses and consumers alike, here are the three hottest trends to watch in 2017...

By Harry van Huyssteen 10 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Fleet trends for 2017

Dr David Molapo, the head of fleet management at Standard Bank, shares his 2017 fleet trends and offers fleet managers some advice...

By Dr David Molapo 9 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Stepping into the future of global supply chains and logistics

In 2017, supply chains and logistics will be shaped by smart partnerships...

By Kate Stubbs 9 Jan 2017

IT investments for airport security a top priority globally

According to the 2016 Airport IT Trends Survey, airports are placing a higher priority on IT investments for passenger and airport security...

4 Jan 2017

What's trending in BizTrends2017?

Not only are Bizcommunity's BizTrends reports a respected resource for local and global audiences on par with leading research organisations, but they also enjoy above-average engagement...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 1 Dec 2016

Amazon 'Prime' plane takes flight

WASHINGTON - Online giant Amazon unveiled its first branded airplane on Friday, part of what is expected to be a fleet of 'Prime Air' cargo planes...

5 Aug 2016

Amazon to test delivery drones in Britain

Amazon announced plans to test delivery drone technology in Britain, as the US online commerce giant tries to advance the idea safely...

26 Jul 2016

Driven to find Pokémon? Go hire a private chauffeur service

Tired of stomping the streets hunting for that elusive Pokémon? Private chauffeur services are offering to drive players around Cape Town and Johannesburg to hunt for the elusive virtual creatures - at R10 a kilometre...

20 Jul 2016

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