Saudi Arabia gives SA energy sector $10bn boost

A $10bn investment pledge into the country's energy sector by Saudi Arabia is set to enhance energy security, create capacity and reduce the cost of energy in South Africa...

7 hours ago

Zanzibar's renewable energy plan to address climate change

While concerns about climate change are being actively addressed through different ways including pushing for enforcement of conventions and international protocols...

By Issa Yussuf 6 Jul 2018

Solar PV system installed at new Cedar Mill Mall

Clanwilliam's new Cedar Mill Mall is is an example of how renewable energy is aiding economic development in small towns...

2 Jul 2018

Solar tree project promotes renewable energy in Bašcaršija

The streets of Bašcaršija in Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon be lit up by solar trees...

2 Jul 2018

Could the discovery of a protein's secret function help boost solar tech?

Proteins are "large", complex molecules that perform most of the complicated and vital tasks in living organisms...

By Michal Gwizdala and Tjaart Krüger 29 Jun 2018

New, in-depth African renewable energy report launched

Hogan Lovells has launched its new report, Africa and Renewables: Wholesale change or short term surge?...

25 Jun 2018

Small Projects IPP developers left in the dark with no answers

Small power developers that invested in securing contracts in the government's renewable energy procurement programme are in the dark about...

25 Jun 2018

Building Africa's future on renewable energy

There is no doubt that renewable energy is the future for Africa. Already, several countries on the continent have taken the lead in promoting investment in renewable energy...

22 Jun 2018

Renewable projects show value of PPPs in economic growth

When 27 REIPPP were signed recently, it caused a wave of positive sentiment about South Africa's commitment to establishing a viable, low-cost, sustainable energy mix.

By Mike Peo 20 Jun 2018

Solar Turtle takes first prize in Nation Builder Challenge

Pitched by Lungi Tyali, Solar Turtle was recently announced the winner of the inaugural Nation Builder Social Innovation Challenge...

18 Jun 2018

How sub-Saharan Africa can harness its big electricity opportunities

Electricity lifts people out of poverty and improves their health and standards of living. Yet 1.3 billion of the world's people don't have access to it. And more than half of them are in sub-Saharan Africa...

By Mercè Labordena 11 Jun 2018

SA can ill-afford more delays in renewable projects

The cost of generation has been the central argument against why renewable energy can't be a major contributor to South Africa's power pool for a while now.,,

7 Jun 2018

Why foreign investment is no easy fix for Africa's energy needs

Foreign investment in sub-Saharan Africa's power sector has reached a record-high...

By Philipp Trotter and Sabah Abdullah 4 Jun 2018

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