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Mahlobo promised renewables IPP announcement this week

New energy minister, David Mahlobo, promised a group of private sector energy developers that he would make an announcment on renewable projects this week...

6 Dec 2017

SA is on code REDZ for energy needs

Solar panels and wind turbines have sprung up like wild flowers across South Africa and by 2030 will be clustered into renewable energy development zones known as REDZes...

4 Dec 2017

Burkina, France launch West Africa's biggest solar plant

ZAGTOULI - Burkina Faso and France have launched West Africa's biggest solar farm, a 33MW facility designed to power tens of thousands of households...

1 Dec 2017

#WindAc 2017: Do cats and windows kill more birds than wind turbines?

Yes, they do - cats and windows do kill more birds than wind turbines, but that's no reason to disregard the fact that wind turbines also kill birds...

By Sindy Peters 23 Nov 2017

GreenCape, SAWEA host renewable energy career expo in Atlantis

GreenCape and the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) recently hosted the second annual Atlantis Career Expo, an educational event designed to drive awareness and interest among Atlantis students about career opportunities in renewable energy...

22 Nov 2017

#WindAc 2017: How to select a wind farm development site without compromising visual resources

There are many considerations to take into account when developing a wind farm, one of which is the impact on visual, aesthetic, and scenic resources in and around a potential location...

By Sindy Peters 21 Nov 2017

SA's KaXu Solar One plant wins UN climate change award

KaXu Solar One concentrated solar power (CSP) project was presented with a Momentum of Change award by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change...

By Wilson Johwa 17 Nov 2017

Sunny future for renewables thanks to China: IEA

Solar energy is to lead the race to new power generation over the coming decades, thanks in large part to China and India, the International Energy Agency said on Tuesday, 14 November...

16 Nov 2017

New initiatives in energy, water, agriculture announced at COP23

New commitments and initiatives in energy, water and agriculture sectors were announced on Friday, 10 November, at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP23) in Bonn...

15 Nov 2017

#WindAc 2017: Transition to renewables well under way

Today saw the start of WindAc Africa 2017 - the annual "academic hour for wind power" hosted by the South African Wind Energy Association...

By Sindy Peters 14 Nov 2017

Huge solar plant aims for brighter Brazil energy output

PIRAPORA - Brazil has lagged far behind in the shift to solar power, but the continent's biggest facility now being built in the south-east...

10 Nov 2017

EnergyDrive truck arrives in EC to share benefits of using renewable energy

The EnergyDrive truck, a custom-built vehicle, recently took to the Eastern Cape to teach learners about the benefits and uses of renewable energy technologies...

10 Nov 2017

Kruger goes green

Two Kruger National Park's camps are now powered by the sun, thanks to grid-tied solar PV systems producing a total of 1,367KW of energy...

31 Oct 2017

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