Automotive Trends 2018

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Jaguar F-Type thrills with topless fun

Okay, so the 221kW Jaguar F-Type convertible is the least powerful of the eight-model convertible range, but that certainly doesn't mean it is a slouch when it comes to generating a smile-on-your-dial adrenaline rush...

By Henrie Geyser 9 Feb 2018

#BewareTheConfidence: The new Polo is cool, confident, and classy

I recently had the chance to take the sixth generation Volkswagen Polo for a spin along the stunning Eastern Cape coastline...

By Ilse van den Berg 5 Feb 2018

Elegant but pricey Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery has been an integral component of the South African passion for bundu-bashing and exploring faraway places for almost 30 years, perfectly slotting in between the now-departed Defender and the snooty elegance of the Range Rover clan...

By Henrie Geyser 31 Jan 2018

Yamaha motorcycle comes on command at CES event

With a wave, Kinji Asamura summoned a riderless motorcycle to his side in the Yamaha booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week...

16 Jan 2018

Smooth sailing over tough terrain in the new Nissan Patrol

With 66 years of the Patrol brand history, it is understandable that the Patrol has an almost cult-like following. Believe me, I've met a couple of them...

By Ilse van den Berg 14 Dec 2017

Sexy Aygo goes topless

The funky Aygo range, which already brags with a Father Christmas bag full of way-out looks, has been given a further helping of chutzpah with the addition of the Aygo X-Cite which has a retractable black canvas roof...

By Henrie Geyser 27 Nov 2017

Bakkie takes luxurious persona

Mahindra SA has had some rather cheap yet crude products, mainly aimed at farmers and those in the mining sector...

By Lerato Matebese 24 Nov 2017

Audi RS 3 sedan takes the pole position

I drove 51 new cars this year and I could not decide which car to select as my personal Car of the Year for 2017 - until along came the Audi RS3 Quattro S Tronic sedan...

By Henrie Geyser 3 Nov 2017

NeXt-level adventure in the new Nissan X-Trail

The word 'SUV' it's definitely going to be on someone's "Most Popular Buzzwords for 2017" list at the end of the year. The thing with buzzwords though is, not everyone can get away with it. And 'SUV' is one word Nissan has gotten away with quite effortlessly...

By Ilse van den Berg 1 Nov 2017

Audi Q5 is the new pace-setter

The second generation of Audi's Q5 has been given a generous helping of refinement and sporty looks which will further strengthen this popular people-hauler's grip on a highly competitive segment...

By Henrie Geyser 30 Oct 2017

#RideRoundup: New Nissan X-Trail, Renault Kwid Xtreme, BMW M4 CS

This week's #RideRoundup features the new Nissan X-Trail, the Renault Kwid Xtreme, and the sexy BMW M4 CS...

23 Oct 2017

Five quality Korean cars

As life in SA becomes more and more expensive, these five quality Korean cars are worthy of your attention, if you're thinking of foregoing the expensive German luxury brands...

By Ané Theron 18 Oct 2017

The funky, #FunHunter Nissan Micra Active

We made our way to Jozi's oldest and one of the most fun playgrounds, Gold Reef City. Quite apt for the launch of the spruced-up Nissan Micra Active, otherwise known as the #FunHunter...

By Ilse van den Berg 2 Oct 2017

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Alfa Romeo Giulia, Abarth 595, Stelvio come out on top in polls

Recent surveys in various automotive magazines asked readers to give their opinion on what they think the best cars are for specific categories. Car manufacturer Alfa Romeo had three of its cars voted as the best.

12 Feb 2018

Nissan slashes profit forecasts after inspection scandal

TOKYO, Japan - Japanese car giant Nissan has slashed its forecast for full-year operating profit after admitting that a damaging inspection scandal last year had "adversely impacted" the firm's performance.

9 Feb 2018

Plotting a course for autonomous vehicles in India

With the rise of electric vehicles and the imminent arrival of self-driving cars in Western countries, relatively little has been said about the Indian automotive industry's initiative to develop similar technology.

7 Feb 2018

Porsche to double investment in electric cars

German sports car maker Porsche said on Monday it would double investments in electrifying its entire range by 2022, as parent company Volkswagen reacts to environmental scandals and new challenges from abroad.

6 Feb 2018

Driverless cars might follow the rules of the road, but what about the language of driving?

Recently, while on my way to the University of Pittsburgh's campus, I made a quick "Pittsburgh left" - taking a left turn just as the light turns green - while facing a driverless car.

By Abdesalam Soudi 26 Jan 2018

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