Saudi Arabia gives SA energy sector $10bn boost

A $10bn investment pledge into the country's energy sector by Saudi Arabia is set to enhance energy security, create capacity and reduce the cost of energy in South Africa...

3 days ago

Eskom is the biggest single risk to South Africa's economy

Eskom came dangerously close to having its bonds suspended by the JSE and to defaulting on debt and other obligations...

By Ian Matthews 12 Jul 2018

Rethinking the value of infrastructure in South Africa

The NDP notes that to "achieve sustainable and inclusive growth by 2030, South Africa needs to invest in a strong network of economic infrastructure"...

By Mathieu du Plooy 21 Jun 2018

Renewable projects show value of PPPs in economic growth

When 27 REIPPP were signed recently, it caused a wave of positive sentiment about South Africa's commitment to establishing a viable, low-cost, sustainable energy mix.

By Mike Peo 20 Jun 2018

Global mining recovered strongly in 2017

After years in the doldrums, the mining industry has shown a remarkable recovery with the world's 40 largest mining companies delivering an impressive financial performance in 2017, increasing revenue by 23% to $600bn.

6 Jun 2018

Unlocking the energy sector for economic growth

Access to energy is among the highly transformative interventions for the African continent...

1 Jun 2018

Doing good is good for business: Tiekie Barnard explains the benefits of Shared Value

Business is driven by profit, but Shift Social Development CEO Tiekie Barnard believes in the importance of profit with purpose. In this Q&A, she explains the meaning of Shared Value and how companies can use this business strategy to find where the biggest growth opportunities lie...

Issued by Shift Social Development 21 May 2018

Why natural resource finds are more than just a curse: the case of Mozambique

Natural resources are often thought of as a curse in developing countries, slowing economic growth rather than driving it...

By Gerhard Toews and Pierre-Louis Vézina 26 Apr 2018

2018 African Infrastructure Project Developers Awards shortlist announced

Africa investor (Ai) recently announced the shortlisted candidates for its 2018 African Infrastructure Projects Developer Awards...

24 Apr 2018

The Shared Value shift: It's time for business to take the lead - for real

It is no longer sufficient to take a profit-first business approach: not only is it not sustainable for the long term, but consumers at all levels are now demanding that the business world develops a conscience...

Issued by Shift Social Development 23 Apr 2018

Proper water management key to viability of solar-powered irrigation systems

According to a new report, solar-powered irrigation is now an affordable solution to both commercial and small-scale farmers in developing countries, but adequate management and regulations to avoid the unsustainable use of water are needed...

13 Apr 2018

More nuanced approach needed in pursuing renewables, experts say

The sharp decline in the cost of clean renewable energy globally has made it the obvious choice for African countries to generate new capacity, but a more nuanced approach is needed...

By Liesl Peyper, Issued by African Utility Week 11 Apr 2018

Reinvigorated Nkomati Anthracite shows promise

It's been a while since any of South Africa's anthracite mines have attracted fresh capital, but a R150m investment in a run-of-mine wash plant at Nkomati Anthracite has put the operation back on track...

4 Apr 2018

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