CSI Trends 2018

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SIZA sets gold farm sustainability standard for SA

SIZA was thoroughly reviewed against SAI Platform's Farm Sustainability Assessment 2.0. The result was a maximum Gold level of equivalence (100% essential, 100% basic and 100% advanced)...

2 days ago

Concerted campaign helps women in Kenya's flower industry get a better deal

Women form an estimated 75% of workers at production level in Kenya and have seen some positive improvements in their employment conditions and rights over the years. But it hasn't been an easy journey...

By Lara Bianchi 16 Feb 2018

Current drought in Cape Town urges Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) to change menu

The current drought and resulting water crisis have started to impact school children in a very direct way; their school feeding...

Issued by Peninsula School Feeding Association 15 Feb 2018

How Cape Town's water crisis could make people sick

Day Zero, when the four million people living in Cape Town run out of water, is becoming a real possibility...

By Bob Mash, Hassan Mahomed and Shrikant Peters 15 Feb 2018

Why CSI should be an extension of company culture

Companies are realising that corporate social investment (CSI) should no longer be viewed in isolation as a stand-alone portfolio, but rather an integral part of a sustainable business plan...

Issued by Ackermans 13 Feb 2018

Clean air vs industrial development: Durban court case explained

What is the right balance between economic development and environmental protection? This is the issue raised in a court battle over a new industrial development in south Durban...

By Mluleki Marongo 8 Feb 2018

Jaha Dukureh named UN Women regional goodwill ambassador for Africa

UN Women has named renowned activist Jaha Dukureh of The Gambia as a regional goodwill ambassador for the organisation...

6 Feb 2018

Facebook partners for a safer internet in Africa

Facebook today announced a number of partnerships across Africa to explore ways to make the internet safer for all...

6 Feb 2018

#NewCampaign: You'd never believe what some school girls use as substitutes to sanitary pads

During my adolescent years, an endless supply of sanitary pads 'magically' appeared in my toiletry cupboard. I had never thought of such things as luxury, but essential, oblivious to the reality that some school girls face...

By Jessica Tennant 31 Jan 2018

Research shows shocking rise in obesity levels in urban Africa over past 25 years

Rapid urbanisation and associated changes in people's lifestyle means Africa faces a growing obesity problem...

By Dickson Amugsi 30 Jan 2018

Making traditional food fashionable again will boost nutrition and food security

Smart food crops, so named because they are good for consumers, good for farmers and good for the planet, are at the heart of many strategies worldwide aimed at beating malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies...

25 Jan 2018

Global unemployment down but working poverty rampant: UN

The global unemployment rate is expected to tick down in 2018, the United Nations said Monday, 22 January, while warning that far too many workers still live in desperate poverty...

24 Jan 2018

WHO donates 853 motorcycles to Nigeria

The World Health Organisation has donated 853 motorcycles to the Nigerian government to improve disease surveillance in the country...

By Ayodamola Owoseye 23 Jan 2018

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Oxfam scandal: development work is built on inequality but that's no reason to cut foreign aid

Revelations that Oxfam workers paid for prostitutes in Haiti as the organisation was supporting survivors of the earthquake in 2011, have reopened a longstanding debate about foreign aid in the UK.

By Luisa Enria 13 Feb 2018

#FairnessFirst: Why Trudeau will bounce back from #Peoplekind

In the wake of his #Peoplekind comment, a joke that "didn't play well out of context", The Evening Standard has provided a lookback on Trudeau's push for gender equality.

By Leigh Andrews 12 Feb 2018

Pernod Ricard halts use of plastic straws and stirrers

Alcoholic drinks giant, Pernod Ricard, has joined the war on plastic by declaring that it will no longer use non-biodegradable plastic straws and stirrers in any part of its business. The Group has asked all its affiliates globally to ensure plastic is not used at any Pernod Ricard events in the future.

22 Jan 2018

#FairnessFirst: H&M's diversity manager, #MLKDay and the #pinkify debate

This week, diversity was a strong focus on social media as H&M announced the appointment of a diversity manager following the 'racist hoodie' outrage, social citizens stood up for civil rights on #MLKDay, and the #pinkifying hashtag spawned lovers and haters alike.

By Leigh Andrews 22 Jan 2018

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