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#cocreate2Move to rethink mobility in Cape Town

Transport month in October will start off with the Mobility Indaba #cocreate2Move - a five-day event with the aim to rethink the way people move in the City of Cape Town and co-create a way forward...

1 day ago

High on life: why being a pilot is the best

Opening the thrust levers and accelerating to 300km per hour while maneuvering a 70,000kg aircraft into the breath-taking African sky is simply riveting...

By Chantel Manning 26 Aug 2016

Catch an autonomous flying drone to work

International aerodynamics corporation Airbus is at the forefront of the air and space travel industry. While currently focused on setting up...

By Kate Walker 25 Aug 2016

Sanral in R1.4bn upgrade of 13 roads, with R5bn more to be spent

An Eastern Cape government decision to ask Sanral to improve the province's road network is finally paying off...

25 Aug 2016

UJ State of Transport Opinion Poll reveals public transport concerns

"The single greatest concern that people have regarding transport is the quality, accessibility, and frequencies of public transport."

24 Aug 2016

Harnessing change: why future success belongs to the first movers

Many are looking to capitalise on key opportunities and trends that have very clearly emerged from a complex and fast-moving business ecosystem...

By Kate Stubbs 24 Aug 2016

Follow your parcel with new delivery technology

DPD Laser has rolled out an advanced mobile technology platform in its Dawn Wing and Time Freight businesses, offering customers real-time visibility and control of their deliveries...

24 Aug 2016

SANRAL invests R30-million in SU for continued education in pavement engineering

SANRAL announced a R30-million endowment to Stellenbosch University which will continue to fund the SANRAL Chair in Pavement Engineering at the University...

23 Aug 2016

International speakers joins formidable SAAFF Congress line-up

Two more international speakers have joined the line-up of 16 top speakers for the SA Association of Freight Forwarders annual Congress...

23 Aug 2016

Excellence in supply chain skills development

SCMEEA recognised Sasol, Imperial Logistics, the CLX, and Chené Scholtz from the University of Johannesburg for excellence in supply chain skills development...

23 Aug 2016

Isuzu Trucks SA empowers women, breaks down barriers

Little encouragement or opportunities have been given to women to infiltrate South Africa's male-dominated trucking industry. Isuzu Trucks SA aims to shift misconceptions...

22 Aug 2016

Managing hidden risks and costs associated with trucking accidents

From hijackings and theft to damage caused by protest action, the trucking industry is fraught with risks. But the cost of a breakdown or accident extends beyond the cost of repairing or replacing...

22 Aug 2016

FMS give Cape Town road users access to real-time traffic info

Strategically placed CCTV cameras on Cape Town's major freeways feed...

19 Aug 2016

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