Logistics Trends 2018

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Ride-share fleets to map cities around the world

Mobileye 8 Connect is an aftermarket collision avoidance system capable of collecting dynamic data to make cities smarter, safer and autonomous ready...

4 hours ago

Driverless cars could be better or worse for our health - it's up to us

Driverless cars - autonomous vehicles - are coming. The topic is a constant presence in media; The New York Times Magazine recently devoted most of an issue to it...

By Jim Sallis 12 Jan 2018

Children's cab service launches in Cape Town

Cool (Kids') Cabs, a cab service focused on transporting children safely from school, is launching in Cape Town this month...

5 Jan 2018

They know where you go: dockless bike sharing looms as the next disruptor

Beyond the benefits of dockless bike sharing for people's mobility and health, these services are producing an ever more useful byproduct: journey data...

By Christopher Pettit 4 Jan 2018

January brings good news as fuel price drops

Motorists will be relieved to hear that the Energy Department has announced that the price of all grades of petrol will drop from Wednesday, 3 January 2018...

2 Jan 2018

SA's festive drivers: 46,029 speed, 15,538 unlicensed, 14,174 vehicles unlicensed

Statistics released by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) on Friday revealed the top five offences based on written traffic fines...

By Penwell Dlamini 29 Dec 2017

Will logistics' freight services see headway soon?

To deal with challenges in the logistics freight services, a national logistics strategy is being drafted while Ethio-Djibouti railway is considered to significantly abate hurdles in the sector...

By Mengisteab Teshome 27 Dec 2017

Sanral makes travelling easier for tag holders

The South African Roads Agency (Sanral) has released a list of conventional toll plazas where tags are accepted for electronic payment...

25 Dec 2017

Still using BBM? You can now request an Uber via platform

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has seen far better days in emerging markets, as WhatsApp usurps it as the favoured instant messaging platform...

By Hadlee Simons 20 Dec 2017

Uber vs Taxify: which taxi service is better?

Cab-hailing apps have become a popular means of transport in South Africa. We compare the two most popular cab services, Uber and Taxify.

By Melissa Cohen 20 Dec 2017

Grade 9 learner develops device to prevent road accidents

Samirah Kaka, a grade 9 learner from North West set about developing an innovative device to prevent accidents...

19 Dec 2017

Fuel prices may drop in January

Fuel prices may bring welcome news in January after the exchange rate has appreciated significantly due to the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as the new president of the ANC...

19 Dec 2017

Daimler delivers its first all-electric trucks in Europe

Daimler has delivered its first fully-electric lorries to companies in Europe, as the global race to mass produce the first generation of "green trucks" heats up. This is the future of urban distribution transport...

18 Dec 2017

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Daily Mail returns to Virgin Trains after outcry

LONDON, UK: Virgin boss Richard Branson on Monday said he would resume offering the right-wing tabloid the Daily Mail on his trains after a decision not to stock them sparked accusations of censorship last week.

1 day ago

Extreme cold sparks chaos in Canada airports

MONTREAL, Canada: Snow, lengthy de-icing procedures and missing crews created havoc at Canada's main airports on Monday, with hundreds of flights cancelled or delayed out of the country's biggest city Toronto.

2 Jan 2018

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