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Minister to amend scope of dental therapists

Changes to scope of profession for dental therapists have been forwarded to the minister of health for promulgation...

5 Apr 2016

Unqualified, but experienced dental assistants registration update

The HPCSA has submitted recommendations to the minister of health regarding amendments to qualifications required to register as a dental assistant...

1 Apr 2016

Dental assistants must register or face prosecution

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) wishes to remind dentists that all dental assistants must be registered with the Council by 31 March 2016 or face criminal prosecution of the dental assistants and the dentists who continue to employ unregistered dental assistants...

16 Feb 2016

Injection-free, pain-free dentistry now in South Africa

The revolutionary Biolase laser technology is now available in South Africa, providing consumers with injection-free and pain-free dentistry...

11 Nov 2015

Second annual Dental Africa Exhibition and Conference in Lagos

The second annual Dental Africa Exhibition and Conference, organised by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, will be held at the Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos, Nigeria on 7-9 October 2015...

1 Sep 2015

Taking the bite out of loadshedding

Picture this... You're sitting in the dentist's chair, you've lost all feeling in the left side of your face and you would have drool running down your chin if it wasn't for a regular application of the suction tube...

By Nicci Botha 22 Jul 2015

Reduce cardiovascular disease - look after gums

Research published in the British Medical Journal has shown that people who never or rarely brush their teeth are 70% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who brush twice a day...

21 Jul 2015

New dental scans reduce radiation, improve knowledge

In dentistry, x-ray technology has enabled practitioners to see beyond the solidity of teeth and surrounding tissues and bone structures, rather than relying on the patient's description...

10 Mar 2015

Nurturing nature can go a long way

The recent crowning of South African beauty Rolene Strauss as Miss World has opened up the age-old debate about the importance and impact of physical appearance again...

13 Jan 2015

Dental solution for poor sleep

A solution to poor sleep patterns, caused by sleep apnoea and excessive snoring, can be found at the dentist. These sleep disturbances are a cause of fatigue and frustration not only for the sufferers, but also for their sleeping partners.

11 Nov 2014

Refurbishment of TUT dental division leaves staff, students smiling

A massive overhaul of the TUT Dental Technology has resulted in what could now be considered the most advanced dental technology training laboratories on the African continent. It is one of only three institutions in South Africa offering the Dental Technology degree.

27 Oct 2014

Oxbridge Academy responds to false claims about its accreditation

This article is Oxbridge Academy's response to an HPCSA statement titled Oxbridge Academy in Stellenbosch not accredited that was published on and other media during January.

1 Oct 2014

Augmented Reality is shaping the future of dentistry

Clinical dentistry is a complex area of medical practice. Dentists need to have exceptional problem-solving abilities in order to combine the information obtained from patients and their experience for proper diagnosis. Now, identifying specific dental ailments and conducting surgeries turns out to be extremely challenging for dentists. This is where Augmented Reality can add value into their practice.

By Sandeep Agrawal 19 Aug 2014

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Health brands use Instagram to become part of new cultural conversations

The rise of visual social sharing via platforms such as Instagram has provided brands with a new way to examine their complex relationships with people. Here's why social watching is so important and a handful of health and wellness brands using Instagram to become part of the new cultural conversations...

By Marilyn Dutlow Munga 2 days ago

Creatives: enter Cannes Lions 2017 Young Lions Health Award this week

Entries to the Cannes Lions 2017 Young Lions Health Award, in association with Unicef and ‘la Caixa' Foundation, close on 24 April 2017.

20 Apr 2017

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