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Movember Foundation extends global prostate cancer registry to SA

With over 4,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer annually in SA, the Movember Foundation, best known for its hairy efforts to raise awareness and funds for often ignored men's health issues, will extend Ironman to SA...

1 Dec 2017

IUDs lower risk of getting cervical cancer

Women who get intrauterine devices fitted appear to face a dramatically lower risk of getting cervical cancer...

10 Nov 2017

Mitochondrial networks manipulation could aid longevity

New research from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health indicates that mitochondrial networks manipulation inside cells may increase lifespan and promote health...

10 Nov 2017

UCT awarded grant to map human cells

UCT has been awarded a grant for the work of Professor Musa Mhlanga in the Chan Zuckerberg Human Cell Atlas initiative...

18 Oct 2017

Organisations join forces, launches roadmap to combat zoonotic TB

"Preventing and controlling bovine TB at its animal source is crucial to avoid its transmission to humans, improve food safety and protect the livelihood of many rural communities."

13 Oct 2017

Two experimental Ebola vaccines show promise

MIAMI - Two experimental vaccines against the Ebola virus have shown promise...

12 Oct 2017

Switching to e-cigs would delay millions of deaths: study

A switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes would cut smoking-related deaths by a quarter in the US by 2100, even assuming the gadgets are not risk-free...

4 Oct 2017

Cellular ‘message in a bottle' could deliver therapeutic cargo

Researchers have found that a type of EV - a sac secreted by cells that contains proteins and RNA molecules - also carries receptors that allow signalling without direct contact between cells.

3 Oct 2017

Genome editing reveals key gene for human embryo growth

British scientists have used genome "editing" technology to reveal the role of a key gene in the early development of human embryos...

22 Sep 2017

GBD study: SA's development vs health progress gap

South Africa is one of five countries where actual health burden rates far exceed what one would expect....

15 Sep 2017

No - heart disease is not SA's leading cause of death

September is Heart Awareness Month, focusing on cardiovascular disease. But is it South Africa's leading cause of death?

By Africa Check 6 Sep 2017

Global genetic study involving different populations sheds light on glaucoma

The fact that the condition is common in some populations and uncommon in others suggests that it's inherited and comes about as a result of a variation in the genes. If these were identified...

By Susan Williams, Michèle Ramsay 4 Sep 2017

Public backs tax on sugary drinks and junk food

Support for the sugar tax has grown in recent months, with a recent survey showing three out of four adult South Africans believe that the government is doing the right thing...

4 Sep 2017

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Controversial pelvic mesh implants banned in Australia

SYDNEY - Australia has banned the use of pelvic mesh implants citing potential risks to patients, months after a major class action was launched against global healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson over alleged side effects.

1 Dec 2017

Netcare to restructure UK business

Netcare planned to restructure its UK business after buying out minority shareholders, CEO Richard Friedland said on Monday after the private hospital network reported that it had written down the value of its operation in the UK by R5.6bn amid tough trading conditions.

22 Nov 2017

New graduate registered nurses find it hard to get their first job

Becoming a registered nurse is difficult but this is just the first step of the struggle that is going to come. Although there is a clear demand for RNs, according to the American Association Of Colleges Of Nursing, this does not mean that the demand is present everywhere. Getting the very first job is difficult. This is why the following tips will be really helpful.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 15 Nov 2017

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