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Immortality: Science fiction or science fact?

Researchers have recently taken high-quality images of the illusive telomerase, the protective 'caps' you find on the end of eukaryotic chromosomes...

Issued by Media Insider 15 May 2018

Osteopathy can be used to treat mental health issues related to back pain - new study

Osteopathic manipulative therapy is a drug-free medical approach which uses touch-based massage, manipulation of soft tissue and joints, and spine mobilisation procedures, to diagnose and treat pain related conditions...

By Darren J. Edwards 14 May 2018

Scientists design a novel formula that repels and kills mosquitoes

A significant portion of malaria infections in Africa may be due to people being exposed to mosquito vectors outdoors. This means that current control methods need to be updated to include methods or strategies that protect people all the time and not only when they are inside their homes...

By Walter Focke, Mthokozisi Sibanda & Taneshka Kruger 10 May 2018

We've come up with a TB test that's cheaper, quicker and more accurate

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that kills more people due to a bacterial infection than any other disease in the world.

By Bavesh Kana 9 May 2018

UCT research focus on combating poverty-related heart disease in Africa

These programmes focus on combating diseases related to poverty, such as rheumatic heart disease, pericardial disease, cardiomyopathy and heart failure...

7 May 2018

Local scientist makes it onto Fortune's World's Greatest Leaders list

The founder and director of Africa's first integrated drug discovery centre, Professor Kelly Chibale, has been named as one of Fortune magazine's World's Greatest Leaders for 2018...

By Kim Cloete 24 Apr 2018

New partnership works towards new therapeutic solutions for malaria

Malaria afflicts over 200-million people in the developing world each year, and takes an estimated 445,000 lives, mostly young children and pregnant women...

20 Apr 2018

Why manufacturing a key vaccine in South Africa is so important

South Africa has been granted a licence to manufacture one of the world's most important vaccines...

By David Walwyn 19 Apr 2018

SU involved in developing predictive TB blood test

A new blood test that can predict tuberculosis (TB) up to two years before its onset in people at high risk of developing the disease has a South African connection...

6 Apr 2018

Most patients with low back pain get the wrong treatment - study

An estimated 540-million people are debilitated by low back pain at any given time worldwide. In Africa, the statistic translates into more than one in three people...

3 Apr 2018

Study: Immune history effects flu vaccine efficiency

Flu vaccines have been less effective in recent years. New research shows that this is due to an immune history with the flu which influences a person's response to the vaccine...

29 Mar 2018

Treating cancer with silver-based drugs is showing promising results

A silver thiocyanate phosphine complex, called UJ3 for short, is showing promise as a low-dosage cancer treatment...

28 Mar 2018

Study: Antibiotic resistance is growing in low- and middle-income countries

Although the threat of antibiotic resistance is well-documented, global use has increased by 39% between 2000 and 2015, especially in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) including South Africa...

28 Mar 2018

Understanding Africa's diverse gene pool can help fight lifestyle diseases

Africa is home to about 16% of the world's population. That's 1.2 billion people. But the continent is disproportionately burdened by a double health challenge: infectious diseases and a recent increase in non-communicable diseases...

By Michèle Ramsay 14 Mar 2018

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