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Organisations join forces, launches roadmap to combat zoonotic TB

"Preventing and controlling bovine TB at its animal source is crucial to avoid its transmission to humans, improve food safety and protect the livelihood of many rural communities."

13 Oct 2017

Switching to e-cigs would delay millions of deaths: study

A switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes would cut smoking-related deaths by a quarter in the US by 2100, even assuming the gadgets are not risk-free...

4 Oct 2017

Cellular ‘message in a bottle' could deliver therapeutic cargo

Researchers have found that a type of EV - a sac secreted by cells that contains proteins and RNA molecules - also carries receptors that allow signalling without direct contact between cells.

3 Oct 2017

Genome editing reveals key gene for human embryo growth

British scientists have used genome "editing" technology to reveal the role of a key gene in the early development of human embryos...

22 Sep 2017

GBD study: SA's development vs health progress gap

South Africa is one of five countries where actual health burden rates far exceed what one would expect....

15 Sep 2017

No - heart disease is not SA's leading cause of death

September is Heart Awareness Month, focusing on cardiovascular disease. But is it South Africa's leading cause of death?

By Africa Check 6 Sep 2017

Global genetic study involving different populations sheds light on glaucoma

The fact that the condition is common in some populations and uncommon in others suggests that it's inherited and comes about as a result of a variation in the genes. If these were identified...

By Susan Williams, Michèle Ramsay 4 Sep 2017

Public backs tax on sugary drinks and junk food

Support for the sugar tax has grown in recent months, with a recent survey showing three out of four adult South Africans believe that the government is doing the right thing...

4 Sep 2017

SA has 14 times global average of foetal alcohol disorders

According to research published in JAMA Paediatrics, South Africa has the highest prevalence of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in the world - more than 14 times the global average...

31 Aug 2017

Study finds large number of South Africans happy to be overweight

The question of whether SA's envisaged sugar tax will positively address obesity levels was thrown into sharp focus by research which revealed an unexpected stumbling block...

29 Aug 2017

Is SA's healthcare getting better?

Insight Survey's latest South African Healthcare Industry Landscape Report 2017 provides a holistic understanding of the healthcare landscape in South Africa based on the latest information and research...

Issued by Insight Survey 28 Aug 2017

The concept of schizophrenia is coming to an end - here's why

The concept of schizophrenia is dying. Harried for decades by psychology, it now appears to have been fatally wounded by psychiatry, the very profession that once sustained it...

By Simon McCarthy-Jones 28 Aug 2017

Study: No drop in rheumatic heart disease numbers in poor countries

Globally, the risk of dying from rheumatic heart disease has dropped over the last 25 years, but not so in some of the poorest countries...

25 Aug 2017

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The fight against antimicrobial resistance depends on good agricultural practices

To ensure that antimicrobials are used responsibly and in ways that do not threaten public health and food production, a stronger global effort including larger investments and improved surveillance measures are needed, according to FAO Deputy Director-General, Maria Helena Semedo. Semedo was speaking at a United Nations General Assembly side event on antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

26 Sep 2017

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