Healthcare Trends 2018

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More patient education needed on respiratory conditions

There is a significant need in South Africa for education around respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. This according to Dr. Shaunagh Emanuel, honorary secretary of the Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA) with an Allergy Practice in Cape Town...

Issued by Cipla 21 Feb 2018

Study: Vaccines prevent death and alleviate poverty

Increased investments in 10 vaccines administered in low- and middle-income countries over a 15-year period could avert up to 36-million deaths and 24-million cases of medical impoverishment...

19 Feb 2018

How well is SA's vitamins and supplements market?

Stimulated by an ageing global population and increased focus on health, wellness and preventative healthcare, there has been significant growth in the vitamins and dietary supplements market...

Issued by Insight Survey 19 Feb 2018

UCT scientist wins award for work on brain seizures

A University of Cape Town (UCT) scientist's five-year study to uncover what causes the brain to seize has earned him a 2017 Claude Leon Merit Award...

16 Feb 2018

Cannabis legalisation offers medical research opportunities

The impending legalisation of access to medical cannabinoids in South Africa is opening up a host of research opportunities that the medical sector should embrace...

Issued by Cipla 15 Feb 2018

The continent's first genomics centre paves the way for Afrocentric medicine

When it opens its doors in mid-2018, the African Genomics Centre - a first for the continent - will be capable of conducting large-scale studies on whole genome sequencing...

15 Feb 2018

Research shows Huntington's disease originates in embryonic development

Huntington disease sufferers usually show symptoms in middle age as they develop jerky movements...

13 Feb 2018

Listeria: Follow SA's medical sleuths as they chase a killer in a race against time

As deaths mount, take an inside look at the detectives working around the clock to solve the country's medical mystery...

By Joan Dyke 6 Feb 2018

Tailored cancer treatment reduces the risk of osteoporosis

One of the side effects of a certain class of life-saving drugs used in the treatment of breast cancer could potentially leave a small percentage of women vulnerable to fractures...

2 Feb 2018

German carmakers under fire for tests on humans, monkeys

FRANKFURT, Germany - German carmakers came under fire this week following revelations they helped finance experiments that saw humans and monkeys exposed to diesel fumes...

31 Jan 2018

Study: Family physicians and their role in healthcare

Strengthening the country's district health system and improving the health and well-being of millions of people who can't afford medical insurance is one of the fundamentals to attaining universal health cover in South Africa...

By Alec Basson 29 Jan 2018

Kimberly-Clark to shed 5,000 jobs as fertility dips

Kimberly-Clark (think Huggies and Kleenex) is expecting to cut an estimated 5,000 jobs - approximately 12% of its workforce - and to get rid of some manufacturing plants...

By Ammaar Sukhadia 26 Jan 2018

Clinical trial insurance: A vital safety net for trial participants and owners

Although years of research goes into reducing the risk that such trials represent to their human subjects before tests are conducted, there is an inherent risk in every clinical trial that demands bespoke clinical trial insurance...

25 Jan 2018

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How Nuvus is using its business experience to shake the medical marijuana industry up

With almost 30 states having legalised the growth, sale and usage of marijuana for medicinal, recreational or both purposes, it is clear that the tide has turned in favor of a complete legalisation at state and federal levels within the coming years. Expectedly, there has been a boom in interest in in the industry, both from the commercial and scientific perspectives.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 31 Jan 2018

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