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New press offices

Eazybranch has opened a press office on!

Eazybranch is the one single vendor and strategic partner that can provide a comprehensive network architecture tailored for business agility, combining both unified delivery and cost clarity to improve business efficiency.

Ascendis Health acquires two companies in Europe

Ascendis Health announced two acquisitions in Europe on Tuesday. The group is buying Cyprus-based pharmaceutical company Remedica for up to 335-million euros and sports nutrition company Scitec for €170m...

By BDpro Staff Writer 25 May 2016

Ambius highlights the importance of indoor plants in honour of International Plant Appreciation Day

International Plant Appreciation Day provides an opportunity to consider the importance of plants not only in creating a suitable environment for the human race to evolve on planet earth, but also in the built environment...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 13 Apr 2016

Rentokil offers expert advice on rodent control after plague-infected rat found in Tembisa rubbish dump

The seasonal increase in rodent numbers is currently being exacerbated in the Johannesburg area by the ongoing Pikitup strike, which has meant that garbage is going uncollected in Johannesburg for a fifth week...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 7 Apr 2016

A light-hearted look at troublesome termites from the experts at Rentokil

The experts at Rentokil take a light-hearted look at termites in their latest series of blog posts, whilst at the same time offering some expert tips on how to protect your property...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 30 Mar 2016

Rentokil launches myRentokil; a refined and enhanced online reporting and auditing system

Rentokil is the market leader in the global pest control field, and this is especially evident when it comes to online pest management...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 14 Mar 2016

Margarine's popularity against butter spreads

It's nothing but oil and additives, without a single fresh ingredient whatsoever. But it's affordable and well-packaged, and so it sells. We're talking about margarine: the poor man's butter...

By JP Gené 11 Mar 2016

Rentokil warns Gauteng residents of the impact flash flooding can have on rodent infestations

As Gauteng residents are warned of flash flooding this weekend due to heavy rainfall, Rentokil warns of the impact flash flooding can have on rodent infestations...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 11 Mar 2016

Happy International Women's Day from Initial

Today, on 8 March, we celebrate International Women's Day. This day has been observed since the early 1900's and is earmarked to recognise the achievements of women - social, economic, cultural and political. This year's theme is #PledgeForParity...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 8 Mar 2016

US set to reimpose tariffs on SA goods

President Barack Obama is set to announce that he is suspending duty-free treatment of South African agricultural products under the African Growth and Opportunity Act...

4 Jan 2016

Hundreds hospitalised in mass Vietnam food poisoning

HANOI - Hundreds of workers at a Hong Kong-owned garment factory in Vietnam which makes lingerie for labels like Victoria's Secret and Wacoal have been hospitalised with food-poisoning...

30 Dec 2015

Rentokil offers advice on choosing a professional and reputable pest control partner

Choosing a professional, registered and reputable pest control partner is critical if you want to combat pest infestations in a safe and environmentally responsible fashion...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 10 Dec 2015

Tips from the experts on how to get rid of flies this summer

The experts at Rentokil give advice on getting rid of flies and preventing a fly infestation this summer...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 25 Nov 2015

Initial Hygiene discusses the importance of sanitation on World Toilet Day

Most of us take for granted that at any point in our day we'll have access to a clean and functional toilet, but do we ever spare a thought for those people that don't have ready access to a toilet?...

Issued by Rentokil Initial 19 Nov 2015

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