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Beware... Winter is coming!

As a matter of fact, winter has been coming (as in the case of "The Game of Thrones") for decades. Consumers have been demanding more clarity as to what the contents/ingredients/nutritional values are of the products they buy...

By Rolf Akermann 26 Jun 2015 14:28

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old repackaged

There is to be a new look for the Glenfiddich 18 Year Old whisky, which is to be packaged in clear glass with an embossed cartouche and sealed with a classic wooden stopper...

25 Jun 2015 11:00

Lego plans to build a sustainable future

NEWSWATCH: The toy company has announced the launch of a $1-billion programme to replace the plastic used in manufacturing its iconic building blocks with sustainable materials. The Lego Group also plans to make its packaging more eco-friendly...

24 Jun 2015 12:00

Name change for Sir Juice

"The shift from 'Juice' to 'Fruit' makes perfect sense as the brand's focus has always been on getting the best out of the fruit for our products..." - Roanne Goldsmith

23 Jun 2015 10:10

Sidel presents latest PET Packaging solutions at Drinktech Africa

Sidel, a global provider of liquid packaging solutions, today announced its debut participation at Drinktech Africa...

22 Jun 2015 13:52

Providing the answers

No matter what your packaging challenge may be - a one-off promotion, an in-store campaign, achieving maximum return on your investment, or legal requirements for on-pack information - Pyrotec has a solution...

Issued by Pyrotec 19 Jun 2015 09:56

Tips to successfully apply your Do-It Hang Tabs, by hand

Do-It Hang Tabs do not only get products lying flat on shelves up and noticed by consumers, but also ensure that products are securely hung up until purchased...

Issued by Pyrotec 17 Jun 2015 12:45

Corned Meat with Chicken added to the Bull Brand range

The Bull Brand has announced that it is to add Corned Meat with Chicken to its canned meat range, which comprises: the original Corned Meat, Corned Meat with Chakalaka and Chilli, and Corned Beef...

17 Jun 2015 09:30

Tetra Pak picks up WorldStar awards

Two Tetra Pak products, the Tetra Top with Separable Top and the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 1000 - each designed specifically to reduce environmental impact - have won prestigious WorldStar packaging awards...

25 May 2015 16:03

Quite a BOPP on the head for film industry

In the last five years, average CAGR growth in global consumption of bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films has averaged 6.2%, almost twice-average global GDP growth...

22 May 2015 15:06

Don't let the process put you off

As Fix-a-Form Extended Text Labels increasingly become part of products' primary labelling and, as such, their packaging, this form of labelling should be a top consideration on a product's bill of materials...

Issued by Pyrotec 18 May 2015 12:26

Mondi surges more than 8% as Q1 profit lifts

International packaging and paper group Mondi (MNP) on Wednesday saw its share price climb more than 8% after it said in an interim management statement that lower input costs‚ across most of its European businesses‚ and higher selling prices in Russia and SA had helped it lift its profit in the first quarter of 2015...

By Mark Allix 14 May 2015 07:30

Do-It Slot Hang Tabs - Vertical display, maximum visibility

Slot hang tabs are our most popular and versatile hang tabs as these are characterised by a delta-hole style allowing these to be hung on any peg fixture - single or double; the result being display flexibility as products can be displayed in several locations in the same retail store...

Issued by Pyrotec 13 May 2015 13:18

Absolut releases new bottle design

The new bottle is a transformation of the original, featuring an updated two-line logo, a new script, a redesigned medallion, reduced glass weight and a new brand signifier...

6 May 2015 13:54

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