Experience, it's more than entertainment

The future of retail, and indeed any business, is about selling solutions rather than products; creating an experience over an above an economic transaction...

By Bronwyn Williams 3 days ago

How to launch your retail business from a mall kiosk (Part 2)

Further pointers and tips from Scan Retail to help you launch your mall kiosk successfully...

Issued by Scan Retail 19 Jun 2018

The shopping centre is dead. Long live the shopping centre.

Every year nine million people view the Mona Lisa. People still flock to live events at stadiums. Why; when they can see it on video, in HD and 3D and AR, etc...

By Danette Breitenbach 12 Jun 2018

How to launch your retail business from a mall kiosk (Part 1)

A mall kiosk is a low-cost alternative to opening a brick-and-mortar store, which also gives you the benefit of flexible lease agreements and the opportunity to test a product or location...

Issued by Scan Retail 12 Jun 2018

New Neo display puts premium products back in the aisle

With its new interactive aisle display, Quattro Management Systems aims to quell retailer woes relating to shrinkage of small but high-value brands and personal products, while also improving the purchasing experience of the shopper...

1 Jun 2018

CNA and Edgars stores to sport new look

A rebrand is on the cards for CNA and Edgars stores as part of Edcon's turnaround strategy to win back shoppers...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 23 Apr 2018

The digital transformation of menu boards

Menu boards, which play a pivotal role in the consumer menu selection process in quick service restaurants (QSR), have evolved by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years...

20 Apr 2018

Three reasons product placement and cross-merchandising are important

Cross-merchandising will help you get the most out of customer traffic in your store. Consumers also benefit from the suggestion of additional, complementary items...

Issued by Pyrotec 9 Apr 2018

Confessions of a serial shopfitter

Brandon Williams, founder and director of the Creative Shop Retail Shopfitting group, helps us understand why the shopfitting industry would make excellent reality TV material...

Issued by Creative Shop 9 Apr 2018

Blackline Interiors designs flagship store at Menlyn Mall for the Brow Bar

Blackline Retail Interiors was appointed by the Brow Bar to design the brand's flagship store, which opened recently in the new wing of Menlyn Mall...

Issued by Blackline Retail Interiors 9 Apr 2018

#SeamlessAfrica: An Afrocentric approach to store design

In the search to become 'more than a store', retailers in Africa need to put their customer at the heart of the operation, says Frans van der Colff...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 9 Mar 2018

Trenery Guild campaign celebrates creative craftsmanship

A new campaign by fashion retailer Trenery is bringing together a collection of talented African creatives in a celebration of craftsmanship and quality...

28 Feb 2018

How to find the perfect retail space

Finding the right space for your business is a daunting task because you have to consider many things: size, location, as well as amenities. Here are the steps that will help you to acquire the perfect space for your business...

Issued by Monetary Library 20 Feb 2018

#BizTrends2018: The call for authentic, experiential retail design

In today's dynamic business environment, we should be seeking to understand the trends impacting a broader range of industries, regardless of the business sector we're in...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 8 Jan 2018

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