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Club Med awarded resort Brand of the Year

Club Med has received the Brand of the Year Award in the Resorts category, for the second time, in the World Branding Awards...

9 Nov 2017


G Adventures rebrands Yolo tours programme

G Adventures has rebranded its Yolo tours programme for young travellers to 18-to-Thirtysomethings. The new branding makes it more transparent to travellers what kind of trip they are looking to purchase...

2 Nov 2017


#EntrepreneurMonth: The three main mistakes female entrepreneurs make and more

Serial entrepreneur Karina Ochis is a next-generation leader. She shares tips on honing your entrepreneurial skills to build your own empire of successful ventures in the digital era...

By Leigh Andrews 5 Oct 2017


How logos have evolved

How do you know you got your logo right? C+R Research and Digital Third Coast track how logo evolution relates to revenue for some of the most iconic brands in the world...

29 Sep 2017


Pentawards 2017 - best of global packaging

The world's best product packaging was displayed at the Pentawards 2017 in Barcelona this past week...

27 Sep 2017


Is it time for your brand to evolve?

All brands eventually need to evolve as the world changes, but to different degrees and at different paces. How do you know your brand is ready?

By Jessica Edgson 3 Aug 2017


EkoFarmer: High-tech turnkey solution for businesses who want to grow their own

Finish enterprise Exsilio has developed a high-tech solution comprising a redesigned container for growing salad and herbs, among others, in urban environments. The social aspect of urban farming is also prominent...

28 Jun 2017


Cocktail dresses, beer and brand perception

You've probably seen the popular meme on the internet of a picture of a cocktail dress with the question of the colour of the dress...

By John Laurence 6 Mar 2015


55 year old get a facelift

A strong brand identity reflects the true value of a company and honours the people who have helped to build it. Terry Levin of OFF The Shelf Marketing explains the secrets of successful brand renovation.

Issued by OffTheShelf 31 May 2013


How we turned a fixer-upper into a valuable brand?

Anyone who has ever bought or even rented a property is familiar with the term "fixer upper". Like an old house, a company's brand identity, if indeed they ever had one, decays with time - gutters fall off, paint peels, styles change...

Issued by OffTheShelf 10 May 2013


Why is brand iconography so valuable?

Everybody loves iconography. This is why deceptively simple images of pop culture like the I love NY t-shirt, the Rolling Stones tongue and Hello Kitty merchandise have succeeded in capturing the global imagination and launching multi-billion dollar consumer empires. Since Off the Shelf launched in 1997, we have been on the quest for the brave new vocabulary of Afropop iconography for ourselves and for clients.

Issued by OffTheShelf 8 May 2013


Building a relevant brand iconography

For the last 10 years we have been building "boutique Pan-African" brands, imbuing our clients' products and services with a sense of national pride, tactically managing internal, external or digital communications, to reflect their unique brand history, trading context and brand objectives.

Issued by OffTheShelf 9 Apr 2013


How we turned a paint factory into a multi-million dollar brand

In 2004, our client, previous head of the Namibian stock exchange, purchased a dusty 50-year old paint company for N$2m. He bought it for sentimental reasons - his father had once been employed there.

Issued by OffTheShelf 4 Feb 2013

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