6 Nov 2012

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We're last in class

So what are we going to do about it? We all know our state education system is a shambles, and now that has been confirmed after SA was rated as bottom of class in maths and science. It's yet another extremely dubious "honour" this country has earned. The question is: how will our shambolic "education" system be fixed?

And if you are in the NPO sector, it's time to be afraid, very afraid... According to
Inyathelo executive director Shelagh Gastrow, if proposed amendments affecting the BEE code go through as is, NPOs and charities could go under - and that means many thousands of children and adults currently being helped, will be affected.

Trying to benefit our exports by 'managing' the rand will not help exporters say a number of experts. In any event, one says, the market is far too large for us to influence it to any effective extent.

Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande says bankers need to be taught courses in sociology, apparently in order to develop a social consciousness about the effects of lending.

And to end, Bizcom's very own "brute in a suit", motoring editor Henrie Geyser, says the new Chevrolet Trailblazer is - just as he is...a brute in a suit.

Rod Baker, content director

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One-in-five affected by cybercrime
Latest research by global software firm Kaspersky shows that defending corporate infrastructure against attacks from cybercriminals has become a vital challenge for information and technology (IT) security specialists globally. Read more >>


Windows, Android devices coming from Lenovo
Personal computer (PC) maker Lenovo will launch a range of tablet computers running Microsoft's Windows 8 and Google's Android operating systems in the next couple of months‚ the company said this week. Read more >>

Summit aims to define efficient and improved IT governance
As business and technology become inextricably linked, it's critical that IT is well governed in order to provide a cost effective, predictable, efficient service that provides maximum value to the business. Information technology is a crucial element for success in the contemporary business world as enterprises converge at the upcoming IT Leaders Africa Summit in March next year. Read more >>

Rural areas can get connected with MWEB Business VSAT
A massive broadband connectivity net is closing over South Africa, bridging the digital divide between the urban areas where businesses are spoiled for connectivity choice, and the country's remote rural areas. Read more >>


Apple: from icon to product
[Lex Faure] With the bumpy launch of the iPhone 5, and the underwhelming response to the new Apple iPad mini, attention has again been drawn to difference between Apple the brand and Apple the icon. Read more >>

Samsung launches ATIV devices for Windows 8 platform
Samsung Electronics, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has announced its new ATIV devices based on the Windows 8 platform for its Smart PC range. With the introduction of Microsoft's Window 8 operating system, Samsung has introduced ATIV, the new brand for its Windows-based devices. Read more >>

South African mobile market differs from developed markets
At a recent UCT Graduate School of Business Distinguished Speaker's Programme, Wilter du Toit, CEO of Virtual Mobile Technologies warned South African business leaders and marketing professionals that the temptation to follow developed market trends when designing marketing campaigns or deciding how to improve business processes through the adoption of mobile devices is strong but misleading. Read more >>


Three new uncapped hosting products for SMMEs
Three new uncapped hosting packages for small businesses, home offices and personal websites have been launched by MWeb, including new features, enhancements and tools at competitive prices. Read more >>

Herschel Girls School goes wireless
Ruckus Wireless, together with 4th Dimension Technology, has installed a wireless infrastructure at Herschel Girls School, Cape Town. The wireless network is primarily used for Internet access by pupils and staff, but is also used to access files stored on the internal file system and allows the pupils to use network printers. Read more >>


Knives out for Telkom's Moholi
The "revolving door for executives" at Telkom may next claim CEO Pinky Moholi, a Telkom veteran who was appointed to the helm last year. Read more >>

Demystifying the cloud
[Carolyn Holgate] While much has been written, spoken and hyped about the cloud and cloud computing, the reality is that the cloud itself is not new. What is new is the growing realisation that the cloud can be a powerful business tool. Read more >>

MTN to have 23-million new subscribers by year-end
[Thabiso Mochiko] MTN Group expects to have 23.7-million new customers by the end of the year, slightly higher than its previous forecast that claimed it would add 21.25-million new subscribers this year. Read more >>

Telkom shareholders vote against board members
There was drama at Telkom's annual general meeting when shareholders‚ presumably led by the majority shareholder‚ the government‚ voted against the re-election and election of independent directors. Read more >>

BYOD a risk for enterprises' network security
Just as the advent of the Internet has enabled employees to work remotely, smartphones and tablets are allowing workers to take the job - and the company's network - on the road; referring to the phenomenon of bring your own device (BYOD). Read more >>


The 'certifiable' are running universal analytics on Google - a game changer in web analytics
[Anne Scharlow] Once a year the 'certifiable' meet just off Google's campus in Mountain View, San Francisco and share new developments with like-minded visionaries with a passion for the user journey and website optimisation through Google Analytics. Read more >>

Printed and electronically managed information must find a balance
The paper and printing industry continues to exist in a world where notions of environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly prominent. Read more >>


The four ways data changes business forever
[Abey Mokgwatsane] If anything is about to transform the way marketing works, it's that four-letter word: data. Technological advancements that have made it possible for any brand and business to have authentic, meaningful relationships with consumers makes data all the more powerful and relevant. Read more >>

Windows 8 - significant changes emerge
SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft has started rolling out a new version of its flagship Windows operating system tailored for a world shifting from personal computers to smartphones and tablets. Read more >>

AUTOsavvy launches dealer management system
AUTOsavvy recently announced the launch of their state-of-the-art dealer management software to the market. This innovative business management solution was designed by South African industry experts to give motor dealerships more control of their business functions with less effort and at a fraction of the cost. Read more >>

Entersekt a finalist for 2012 SESAMES Award
Cape Town based mobile security software development company, Entersekt, is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of only 36 finalists - out of 475 entrants - for this year's SESAMES Awards. Read more >>


Samsung posts record profits of almost $6bn
South Korea's Samsung Electronics said net profit almost doubled to a record ?6.6tn ($5.97bn) in the third quarter, powered by strong smartphone sales and huge demand for display panels. Read more >>

New Lumia model going on sale in US
Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia said on Monday that it had chosen the second biggest US operator, Verizon Wireless, to exclusively distribute its new Lumia 822 model when it launches the phone. Read more >>

China's online censors on the prowl ahead of power handover
BEIJING, CHINA: Author Jin Song is relishing the challenge of beating China's army of censors and posting comments online about the country's impending leadership change, the first in the social media era. Read more >>

Cellphone complaints rise in Australia
Complaints about mobile phones to Australia's telecoms watchdog jumped 9% in a year, accounting for two-thirds of all gripes received due to growing smartphone use, a study said on Monday. Read more >>

iPhone assistant helps Chinese find brothels
Lawyers and citizens say the Chinese version of the Apple iPhone's new voice-activated assistant Siri directs users to brothels according to a report released by state media said on Monday. Read more >>

Disappointing results from Zimbabwe's Econet Wireless
Investors on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) reacted negatively to Econet Wireless's interim financials to the end of August‚ which showed a marginal 4.5% after-tax profit growth. Read more >>

Japan's electronics sector warns of dire outlook
TOKYO, JAPAN: Warnings from Panasonic and Sharp that they will post a combined annual loss of more than US$15bn has reignited fears about the increasingly dire outlook for Japan's once-mighty electronics giants. Read more >>

Russia puts first sites on new Internet blacklist
MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Russia has put into force a new law on the Internet that allows the government to block websites with banned content, prompting fears that it will be used to suppress free speech. Read more >>

US consumers rushing into tablets: survey
WASHINGTON, US: Some 31% of US consumers have purchased tablet computers, and most of the others want one, a survey showed on Wednesday. Read more >>

Ireland's Eircom telecoms to cut 2,000 staff
DUBLIN, IRELAND: Ireland's former state telephone company Eircom is to cut 2,000 jobs over the next 18 months, the company said on Wednesday. Read more >>

US embassy reviews use of Vietnam website
WASHINGTON, US: The State Department said on Wednesday it was reviewing the US embassy in Hanoi's use of a popular Vietnamese website amid concerns the site is riddled with pirated material. Read more >>

Huawei blast US over "protectionism"
Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei on Wednesday accused the US of "protectionism" after Congress labelled it a spy threat, and offered to lay bare its source code and equipment in Australia to allay fears. Read more >>

French president warns Google over revenue row
PARIS, FRANCE: French President Francois Hollande called on Monday on Google to come to a deal over an advertising revenue row, warning that if necessary, a bill could be adopted to force Internet search engines to pay for media content. Read more >>

Smartphones drive complaints spike in Australia
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Complaints about mobile phones to Australia's telecoms watchdog jumped 9% in a year, accounting for two-thirds of all gripes received due to growing smartphone use, a study said on Monday. Read more >>

Nokia to launch new Lumia model in US with Verizon
HELSINKI, FINLAND: Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia said on Monday that it had chosen the second biggest US operator, Verizon Wireless, to distribute its new Lumia 822 model exclusively when it is launched this autumn. Read more >>

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Telkom Business secured as a platinum solution provider of IT Leaders West Africa Summit - Kinetic Events
The annual IT Leaders West Africa Summit will take place from 28 to 29 November 2012 in the heart of Ghana's esteemed capital city, Accra. The summit is produced by international business-to-business conferencing company, Kinetic Events; key strategic information providers to the IT and telecoms sector within Africa. Read more >>

Biz Charity Challenge: let's all help together - Bizcommunity
With the festive season fast approaching, Bizcommunity.com would like to challenge our readers, clients and partners to think of those less fortunate. Help us raise funds, bedding and toys for our two chosen charities and the company raising the most will be given two free press office releases for the festive season, in the industry of your choice, to promote whatever you like. Read more >>

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