Werner leads Mediamark, South Africa's leading integrated, multichannel media sales house, as it continues its journey to create a converged sales capability that can help customers leverage mobile, video and content marketing, in combination with its exceptional traditional platforms...
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Marketers: Ignore radio at your peril

As we celebrate World Radio Day on 13 February, it's worth considering radio's crucial role in a brand's integrated marketing strategy...

By Werner Lindemann 13 Feb 2018

Generation C - It's about connectivity and community rather than age

Digital technology has transcended age barriers, with tech-savvy people across age groups relishing new ways to connect with others and engage with content and services...

By Werner Lindemann 3 Nov 2017

Regulatory shifts bring risks and opportunities for brands and media owners

With consumers' attention fragmented across multiple channels, leading brands are already implementing multichannel marketing strategies. Regulatory pressure is just one more reason to pick up the pace...

By Werner Lindemann 13 Oct 2017

Marketers in Africa should leverage mobile as an amplifier

Mobile is rapidly outpacing traditional channels such as television and print as the medium of choice by African consumers for accessing information and entertainment.

By Werner Lindemann 24 May 2017

Is your brand ready for the 30-hour media day?

The world of media is changing at a rapid pace as consumers' attention is fragmented across multiple channels and devices...

By Werner Lindemann 14 Mar 2017

#BizTrends2017: 2017 will be the year of AR, video and mobile commerce

2016 was a turbulent, exciting year for digital media and marketing. Looking ahead to 2017, we can expect to see as much change and innovation…

By Werner Lindemann 31 Jan 2017

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