Steve Cragg

CEO at Buchanan Group Africa, India & Middle East, Turkey & Brazil
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Steve Cragg is CEO of the Buchanan Group Africa, India & Middle East, Turkey and Brazil, which recently developed and launched in South Africa, India and Australia. After first working in the Australian office, Cragg returned to SA and set up the African office. Prior experience includes roles as marketing manager at Unilever SA and ad agency executive for Singleton Ogilvy in Australia. Contact Steve on tel +27 (0)21 424 2310 or email .
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[2013 trends] Game on for retailers going mobile

As crisis-hit Europe continues to impact economic growth, and projections for the local economy are trimmed, the battle for a share of consumer spend is getting increasingly fierce. Retailers will rely on technology to drive innovative discount models and integrated loyalty programmes by optimising the one device every consumer has access to already - even in-store - the mobile phone.

By Steve Cragg 15 Jan 2013

[2012 trends] 12 FMCG social, digital, mobile trends for 2012

What does 2012 hold in terms of marketing and advertising in the FMCG sector? It is going to be the year of helping consumers empower themselves through mobile and social media platforms, of turning over cents and creating value, in short, of making peace with technology and its influence on the behaviour of consumers, while taking steps to counter the continued effects of the Great Recession.

By Steve Cragg 12 Jan 2012

Social media demands brands change their ways

People - your customers and mine - are using the tools provided by social media to great effect in their purchase decision-making process. While consumers have always shared their opinions on products and services, digital amplifies their ability to communicate these to their peers, and not only friends and family, but also to friends of friends of friends.

By Steve Cragg 9 Dec 2011

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