Grant Shippey

CEO / Founder at Amorphous New Media
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Grant Shippey is the CEO and Founder of Amorphous New Media in Johannesburg. Grant has incubated and launched a number of digital initiatives. Some of these projects include We Sell Web Ads, a digital media sales house, Times Media Apps, an application development and distribution unit and now Hudlr, an audience profiling application for the South African Market.
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What to do with all that data?

In 2014, tech manufacturing giant IBM anticipated that by 2020 we will have created 40 zettabytes of data. But how can companies use all this data to effectively engage with their audiences?...

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 19 May 2017

Why guaranteed leads matter

The ultimate goal of all marketing is to generate sales, which means that every cent of marketing spend needs to be reaching the right people with the right message in order to give companies worthwhile returns on investment...

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 16 May 2017

Ad-blockers and South African publishing

A report published by Adobe and PageFair indicates that ad-blocking software will lead to nearly $22-billion in lost advertising revenue in 2015, a 41% rise from 2014...

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 21 Sep 2015

[Digital Marketing] Mobile technology: Far bigger than you think

We use the term mobile to refer to cell phones, and much of South Africa's marketing speak interprets 'mobile marketing' to be constrained to this platform. But mobile technology is more extensive than we often realise...

By Grant Shippey 26 Aug 2015

Apple News - what this means for SA publishers

Apple introduced its latest app, Apple News, on Monday, 8 June, in California, however it will officially launch with iOS 9 later this year. It's also said farewell to its Newsstand app, which was fraught with issues from the start...

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 12 Jun 2015

When traditional marketing models miss the mark

When you are putting together a media plan for your new campaign, do you use a 'spray and pray' approach, or do you spend time making educated and informed decisions?

By Grant Shippey 8 Sep 2014

Getting started with a hyper-local marketing strategy

Grant Shippey, CEO of Amorphous, unpacks the basics of getting to grips with a marketing strategy that takes into consideration, and thus provides, a hyper-local perspective.

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 5 Feb 2014

Awards or rewards - What would you choose?

In an increasingly challenging local economic environment, where clients' bottom lines are under severe threat, the pre-occupation of many advertising agencies with awards, rather than rewards, is looking increasingly absurd.

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 1 Oct 2013

Using data to create products

When it comes to the creation and marketing of a new product, the approach should keep the wise idiom of "look before you leap" in mind.

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 7 Jun 2013

Nice from far but far from nice

How would you change the way you do business if you knew exactly what your customer demographic looked like?

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 3 Jun 2013

How the data revolution has changed the face of marketing

Before the turn of this century, perhaps the biggest challenge facing social sciences like marketing was the scarcity of good data from which to draw insight.

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 12 Apr 2013

New data visualisation tool allows brands go hyper-local

Amorphous, a digital corporate communications company owned by The Times Media Group, has developed a business tool that provides users with detailed demographics and other key business information about the residents in any location around South Africa.

By Grant Shippey, Issued by Amorphous 27 Feb 2013

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