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Estelle Nagel has worked in PR and marketing for 6 years and is currently PR Account Manager at DUO Marketing, a marketing and communications firm focusing on the ICT sector in South Africa.
Finding the perfect balance between external and internal PR

Twenty years ago, before any of us felt the full impact of social media, many organisations made the critical error of not listening to the people who helped their businesses become successful - their customers.

By Estelle Nagel 13 Jul 2013 11:00

The importance of choosing the right spokesperson

Whenever I conduct crisis communication training with clients, I always open with the story of Tony Hayward. Hayward, as you will recall, was the CEO of BP at the time of the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf. He made several unfortunate faux pas from the get-go - The New York Times reported that when the news broke, he asked fellow BP executives, "What the hell did we do to deserve this?" (video)

By Estelle Nagel 8 Jan 2013 06:35

Marketing lessons from the Red Bull Flugtag

Seeing as how the PR industry is partially fuelled by caffeine and sugar (at least at my office) I was extremely pleased at being offered a behind the scenes look at the Red Bull Flugtag held in Cape Town this past weekend. It was an object lesson in how to leverage your event to the max.

By Estelle Nagel 12 Dec 2012 08:34

The Ban-Ban Club: the rise of banned advertising

Earlier this week we saw the banning of yet another controversial advertisement poking fun at the president. I can't say that I think it's a bad thing.

By Estelle Nagel 30 Nov 2012 07:16

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