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[2014 trends] Mobile moves: Key trends to watch in 2014

As with almost every other sector under the 'technology' banner, the mobile industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and is constantly iterating to meet the demands of an increasingly large and sophisticated market.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 28 Jan 2014

Stopping information overload in its tracks

It used to be said that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. I think most of us can add a third to that list: too much information. We are constantly connected, constantly reachable, and it becomes very difficult and time-consuming to filter the important, need-to-know information from the deluge of advertising and cat videos.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 8 Nov 2013

Businesses win thanks to the intro of an SMS interconnect fee

Businesses that shrugged their shoulders in resignation at the thought of an increase in SMS costs thanks to the introduction of an A2P SMS interconnect fee are in for a pleasant surprise.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 26 Jun 2013

The SMS industry in 2013

Improvements in the way SMS is billed for, efficient spam deterrents, evolving technology capabilities and better handling of subscriptions services lay the foundation for another exciting year for SMS as a business communication channel.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 17 Jan 2013

Bulk SMS 'gentlemen's agreement' under threat

For many years, all incumbent mobile network operators had a "gentlemen's agreement" not to compete on application-to-person (A2P) SMS messaging traffic. Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs) that provided bulk SMS message sending services had to send all their Vodacom messages via Vodacom, MTN messages via MTN and Cell C messages via Cell C.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 30 Aug 2012

A2P SMS messaging continues to grow

Companies should be careful of buying into the doomsday predictions around the demise of SMS. If they do, they will risk missing out on the excellent business opportunities that the SMS channel offers them.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 4 Jun 2012

Is SMSing making your child stupid?

SMS language or 'textspeak' is taking a lot of flack for the general misuse of the English language today - both in spelling and grammar. But is it all negative? Parents and teachers have been blaming cellphones and SMSes for a 'degradation in the English language' for years now, and they feel this technology is standing in the way of children learning proper English.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 6 Oct 2010

SMS phishing on the increase

Companies that communicate with their customers using SMS could leave those same customers wide open to phishing, the fraudulent attempt to collect personal or banking details. Companies need to ensure that their customers are made aware of the types of SMS messages they send out, and what, if any, information they might request via the SMS channel to reduce the risk of SMS fraud through phishing attacks.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 3 Jul 2008

SMS fuels mobile Internet growth

The advent of the mobile Internet has not slowed the growth of SMS. If anything, SMS is fuelling the mobile Internet. Accessing the mobile Internet using hyperlinks sent via SMS is the norm for delivering rich mobile content, applications or services, and evolving cellphone design and new business models have led to the convergence of these technologies.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 21 Feb 2007

Helping to build customer relationships

A common misunderstanding about CRM is that it is about delivering communications using high-tech solutions. Mobile CRM is essentially about ensuring customer satisfaction by enabling communications that offer timeous information sent to the customer's most reliable communications device.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 5 Jun 2006

Educating parents of techno-savvy kids

Western society has become more and more permissive with the emphasis on the "freedom of expression" of individuals. However, these consenting rights need to be balanced by the protection of children's rights. Gone are the days when parental control meant keeping your kids off the neighbour's farm. Today parents need to be vigilant and protect children from harmful media content.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 19 Jan 2006

New cell phone laws will benefit industry

New laws are about to be introduced which place the onus on telecommunication service providers to obtain and keep information on their clients. While contract users already have to provide personal information to the network operators, the new amendments to the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act tightens control on the pre-paid market.

By Dr Pieter Streicher 7 Dec 2005

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