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Arnold Pollak
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Arnold Pollak
Why alcohol ads should be banned
Brilliantly said. As you mentioned, alcohol consumption was never stopped during prohibition. To me this amplifies the point that you cannot legislate away social issues. I believe using the funds that are generated from the taxes and profits on the sale of these products to better understand and educate against abuse would do far more to curb abuse. A ban only makes abusers go underground.
Posted on 26 Apr 2013 17:00
Arnold Pollak
Why alcohol ads should be banned
Sadly like most people in glass towers, the minister only looks at the issue from a very narrow minded perspective. While I do believe that the intentions are good, I am sure Hitler's were as well if you look from the perspective of national pride. Where is the transparency that the government so touted. Why not rather look for ways that can benefit all involved like calling for a larger percentage of the ad-spend to be on awareness or working together with alcohol outlets so they cover some of the costs of abuse? Just my two cents worth. Arnold
Posted on 26 Apr 2013 16:55
Arnold Pollak
Growing anger over ASA refusal to rule on govt ads promoting POIB
Shame on the ASA. Another one bites the dust. So yet another 'governing' body proves that they are only puppets of the 'ruling' party. Time for the ASA to disband and fade into the history books, OR, to do their job, no matter how much they dislike the heat that may be incurred by the advertisers.
Posted on 20 Apr 2012 06:55
Arnold Pollak
Govt launches clumsy secrecy bill advertising spree
What a crock, and a poor, undisguised attempt at propaganda. One of MANY flaws: What 'average' person has the funds to go to court to get 'permission' to report corruption. People will take the easiest route and simply climb on the bandwagon. It is time the ANC realized and admit that they have corrupt officials among them and work to eradicate them. The more they try 'hide' behind bills like this one the more they will be perceived as corrupt. It is corruption that is leading to passports and identity documents being forged, and the same people the bill is supposed to 'flush out' seem to be the one's that will have all the additional power they could ever dream of to make sure they can be corrupt without fear of incrimination or consequence.Simply look at what they are doing to the country's credit rating. How are we are supposed to trust these people when the are using OUR TAX MONEY to try 'entice' us to believe absolute nonsense.
Posted on 2 Apr 2012 17:40
Arnold Pollak
How Woolworths lost its mojo
It seems that there has been a change in the way Woolies thinks - moving away from market movers to Imperialists who WILL impose their will - just look at the manner in which they handled their old ad agency. Do they honestly think employees who stand to be fired if their idea's are rejected are going to push boundaries?. Possibly someone needs to remind the top brass that a brand fails from the top, and since some of their latest behavior has been unsavory, how long before that funnels down to their products.
Posted on 3 Feb 2012 11:33
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