Alan Russell

Alan Russell is the Managing Director of ThornTree Group
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Alan Russell is the Managing Director of ThornTree Group, a mid-sized supplier of high quality recruitment and placement services across a number of industries and specialisations in sub-Saharan Africa.
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How do we win the 'war for talent'?

When businesses look for specific skills and experience, the talent pool shrinks considerably. The South African context is even more challenging because only 25% of our labour force is skilled...

By Alan Russell 15 Feb 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: Being an entrepreneur - a tough but rewarding place to be

Being self-employed is one of the riskiest and scariest, yet most rewarding things in life...

By Alan Russell 25 Nov 2016

Why specialist recruiters are so valuable during hard times

In a tough economic climate, when businesses are looking to reduce expenses, recruitment costs are a common target. But it's during these times that it becomes even more critical to use the services of a specialist recruitment agency when hiring senior staff. Here's why...

By Alan Russell 8 Jul 2016

Time and the psychological contract

In many industries the phrase "time kills all deals" has a certain level of relevancy, but no more so than in the recruitment industry.

By Alan Russell 3 Oct 2013

e-touch vs. p-touch

I have the privilege of having a teenage daughter whom I adore and have watched her communicate with people over the last five years in an increasingly, what I call, e-touch environment, where one-dimensional communication through technology has taken over from the p-touch environment that has created us as human beings.

By Alan Russell 12 Sep 2013

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