The TBWA/Raad team with their 2017 Loeries flock.
#LoeriesRankings2017 with... TBWA\Raad

Just when you thought the Loeries buzz was over, the Loeries' rankings are in! I chatted to some of this year's top-ranked creatives post-celebrations. We kick off with the ever-disruptive TBWA\Raad team, based in Dubai in the UAE.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

The night's big winners - Journalist of the year, Sipho Masondo of City Press; SA story of the Year, Suzanne Venter of Rapport; Upcoming/Rising Star of the Year, Botshilo Maake of City Press; and Lifetime achiever, Juby Mayet.
All the Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards 2017 winners!

The Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards 2017 winners have been announced, with Investigative Journalism category winner, Suzanne Venter from Rapport winning the SA Story of the Year for Life Esidimeni and City Press' Sipho Masondo crowned Journalist of the Year. Masondo was also a finalist in the Investigative Journalism category for Watergate.

3 days ago

Experiential retail - a new way to shop
Experiential retail - a new way to shop

With the rise of e-commerce and demise of physical brick-and-mortar retail, consumers are continually hungry for experiences that engage and excite them. Experiential retail at its core looks at creating and tailoring experience through a unique journey of touchpoints available exclusively to the space, consequentially leaving the consumer entertained, inspired and resonating with the brand or merchant and resulting in sales.

By Jordan Major 19 Oct 2017

Minister Zulu to launch 22 On Sloane startup campus
Minister Zulu to launch 22 On Sloane startup campus

The largest startup campus set to open its doors in Joburg

Issued by Global Entrepreneurship Network 18 Oct 2017

Harvey Weinstein and 'Fearless Girl' statue © Sam Aronov and tom934 - .
What the 'Fearless Girl' statue and Harvey Weinstein have in common

In March of this year, State Street Global Advisors unveiled the “Fearless Girl,” a statue of a little girl installed to face Wall Street's famous “Charging Bull” statue. Her defiance was aimed at financial culture's historical exclusion of women in the financial industry, especially in leadership positions.

By Sarah Banet-Weiser 18 Oct 2017

Alan Knott-Craig
#EntrepreneurMonth: If you can sell your first startup, sell it

Us humans have a heuristic bias to sell our winners and hold onto our losers. That's not the way to build wealth. Better to hang onto your winners and cut your losers loose.

By Alan Knott-Craig 18 Oct 2017

Top five South African consumer trends - Euromonitor
Top five South African consumer trends - Euromonitor

Global market intelligence company, Euromonitor International, has just released the latest results of the 2017 Global Consumer Trends survey.

17 Oct 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: A premium African surf brand with global appeal
#EntrepreneurMonth: A premium African surf brand with global appeal

Little over a year ago, three friends with thriving creative careers embarked on a mission to combine their love of Africa with their passion for surfing. Thus, Mami Wata was born, a premium African brand of surf apparel and accessories with an undeniable global appeal.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 17 Oct 2017

Client service is dead
Client service is dead

What has been the biggest change in the advertising industry over the last two decades, besides the rise of digital channels? Surely one of the biggest changes has been client service. Back in the day, client service were paper-pushers. Glorified admin girls. Perhaps half-decent project managers, if you were lucky. That role is well and truly dead. Thank goodness. But it doesn't bode well for you or your agency if you think that this archaic role will satisfy your clients' needs in 2017.

By Susan Rowan, Issued by Grey 17 Oct 2017

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#MeToo trends in SA as women share stories of sexual harassment

Over the weekend, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to tweet the hashtag #MeToo if they had ever been sexually harassed, assaulted, or abused — and by Tuesday morning it was trending in the top spot in South Africa.

By Julia Breakey 17 Oct 2017

Video dominates news consumption in Africa
Video dominates news consumption in Africa

Whether via broadcast TV or online, news is increasingly being watched as opposed to read, particularly on mobile phones, in Africa.

16 Oct 2017

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Social media South Africa 2018, are we ready?

I recently attended Arthur Goldstuck's presentation on the SA Social Media Landscape 2018. From research conducted by World Wide Worx and Ornico, 118 of South Africa's largest businesses shared information on their social media, digital strategy and future plans. What stood out for me was the potential for brands on YouTube. Plus a bigger question, are some businesses still not prepared for social media integration?

By Jainita Khatri 16 Oct 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: Handcrafting bespoke luxury experiences across Africa with the Holts
#EntrepreneurMonth: Handcrafting bespoke luxury experiences across Africa with the Holts

Concepts Collection creates unforgettable luxury experiences - be it in the shape of a destination wedding, corporate event, group incentives, private celebrations or the ultimate in African holiday adventures. We chat to Founder and Managing Director Christina Holt and Group CEO Richard Holt to find out how it all started and what it takes to run one of the leading luxury brands in SA.

By Cari Coetzee 16 Oct 2017