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In the Age of Cybercrime, is encryption enough?

Encryption has been a hot topic recently, particularly due to the lengthy legal battle that took place between the FBI and Apple regarding iPhone encryption - specifically the FBI's demand that Apple unlock a phone used in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. But even though this case has been highly publicised, many individuals don't fully understand what encryption is and how much privacy it can ensure. As hackers become savvier and consumers remain ill-informed, is digital privacy even a possibility?

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 5 hours ago

Three essential components every business website should have - Monetary Library
Three essential components every business website should have

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever for each and every business to have a website. Even the smallest of local businesses can benefit from their own website, with more and more people using the internet to look up businesses of all sizes and find the products and services which they require. However, with the world of online business becoming increasingly more competitive, it's no longer good enough to just have any old basic website for your company. In order to gain the edge over the competition and build a good online presence, there are some essential components which every business website should include. Read on to discover more.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 5 hours ago

Coming soon(ish): DNA-powered hard drives
Coming soon(ish): DNA-powered hard drives

If you're a typical technology user, you've run out of space to store your data at least once in your life, if not once this year already. Whether it's photos on our phones or Game of Thrones on our laptops, we're all gathering data faster than we can find places to store it. But we may have a long-term solution: DNA.

By Alistair Fairweather 10 hours ago

Tariffic survey reveals preferred mobile networks
Tariffic survey reveals preferred mobile networks

Most people don't care what cellular network they are on - they just want the cheapest price. But if they do prefer a network, they love and hate Vodacom the most!

11 hours ago

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New fund launched for SA mobile startups

Tech accelerator mLab Southern Africa and the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) have launched a new fund aimed at assisting local mobile, sensor or wearable app startups in developing their concepts with grants of up to R500,000.

By Tom Jackson 13 hours ago

Will chatbots replace humans at contact centres?
Will chatbots replace humans at contact centres?

Fear mongering is everywhere, in every industry. And most recently, the contact centre has experienced its own dose of this with the announcement that Facebook will be making use of chatbots via Messenger to deal with customer queries.

14 hours ago

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Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps hit Windows 10

Fresh from reporting stellar earnings, Facebook rolled out applications tailored to Microsoft's latest operating system for the social network as well as its Messenger and Instagram services.

1 day ago

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Chrome crowned top internet browser by market tracker

SAN FRANCISCO: Google Chrome was crowned the top internet browser, officially ending the long reign of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). NetMarketShare calculated that Chrome had 41.7% of desktop browser share in April, narrowly topping the 41.4 share for IE. Mozilla's Firefox browser was third with 9.7%, according to the market tracker.

1 day ago

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ICT investment can help fuel SA's GDP growth

Large-scale ICT investment can play a crucial role in fuelling the growth of South Africa's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through increased economic activity, innovation and productivity. This contribution is especially needed now, in the face of the economic crunch caused by a long and acute drought in the past year and political developments that saw the rand's value plummet in December 2015.

By Saurabh Kumar 1 day ago

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Pros and cons of hosted and on-premise storage

With local prices of electricity and bandwidth being so high, cloud-based services are becoming more and more attractive to businesses of all types and sizes.

By Anton Vukic 1 day ago

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SES, Facebook deal to provide broadband connectivity in Africa

Satellite operator, SES S.A. has announced a satellite broadband deal with Facebook to provide high-speed broadband connectivity services to Sub-Saharan Africa. The agreement will support Facebook's Express Wi-Fi programme that is part of their initiative.

29 Apr 2016

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Mobile optimised work environments drive performance

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), through its new global study Mobility, Performance and Engagement, established a measurable link between more mobile-first working environments and increased employment engagement, proving that CIOs can drive increased business performance through mobile strategies that are developed and executed well.

29 Apr 2016

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is 30 billion pictures worth?

Image capture and related technology is speeding up exponentially and changing the world of communication and creativity as we know it. It's estimated that globally more pictures were taken every two minutes of 2012 than all of the photographs taken in the entire 19th century. Last year we snapped an estimated trillion photos - in a single year! And by 2017, Infotrends estimates that 78.8% (or just over three-quarters) of all photos will be taken using our phones.

By Hitendra Naik 29 Apr 2016